The Door Within Trilogy

The Door Within Trilogy

"The Door Within" Trilogy is a set of three novels written by American author Wayne Thomas Batson describing the adventures of teenager Aidan Thomas through the "Realm", a world correlated to ours. The titles of the books are "The Door Within", "The Rise of the Wyrm Lord", and "The Final Storm". The plot contains many similarities to that of the Book of Revelation, which is apparently used as source material.


"Glimpse" is the name given to the humanoid inhabitants of the 'Realm', a parallel universe formerly united with and later adjacent to ours. They are largely similar to Grines, in that each Glimpse corresponds to a human in appearance, personality, allegiance/beliefs, and time of death, though not necessarily in age.

Glimpses have white skin and eyes that change color according to their loyalties. If a human chooses to believe that the "Story" of the Realm (also known as "The Book of Alleble") is true, the Glimpse will side with King Eliam, the omnibenevolent and apparently immortal king of Alleble, whereupon its eyes turn blue; if a human chooses to scorn the Story, the Glimpse sides with the rebel Paragor (a Lucifer-like character who is the principal villain of the series), whereupon its eyes turn red; if the human does not choose either, the Glimpse will remain independent and its eyes will be green. Similarly, if the Glimpse changes its loyalty, the human changes its opinion. The color signifying loyalty can only be seen when the Glimpse moves or from a sidewise angle; when seen from the front, Glimpse eyes are as various in color as are human eyes, and may or may not match those of the human to whom a Glimpse corresponds.

Upon dying, each Glimpse becomes one with its human and transcends both worlds in favor of an afterlife. Followers of King Eliam join their master in a world known as the Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun, whereas followers of Paragor become imprisoned underneath his territory.

In the third book of the series, "The Final Storm", the two worlds reunite into one; as a result, all separation and distinction between each Glimpse and the human to which it corresponds ceases to exist.


Aidan Thomas:The main character in the trilogy. At first concerned only with his own convenience (or lack thereof), Aidan becomes brave, loyal, and self-sacrificing after he enters Alleble. Invited magically by King Eliam, he enters the Realm and becomes a knight, in which role he brings Mithegard, one of Alleble's neighbors, to become Alleble's ally in its war with Paragor. A favorite ruse of his, used in the first and third books, is to disguise himself in the livery of Paragor in order to infiltrate Paragory's territory. Aidan is revealed in "The Final Storm" to be one of the 'Three Witnesses'; one of three prophesized heroes who bring about the final end of the said war. Aidan's name as a Witness is "Seeker of the Lost".

Gwenne:A Glimpse swordmaiden (female knight). One of Aidan's most intimate friends. Gwenne is typically audacious and lighthearted, but can be very passionate and reliable. Aidan is, to his own chagrin, very fond of her.

Antoinette Lynn Reed:Gwenne's human counterpart. Antoinette is a classmate of Aidan's, who having learned of the war continuing in the Realm is brought to Alleble, where she takes Gwenne's place. As a swordmaiden of Alleble, Antoinette joins a diplomatic mission to revive the faith in Alleble of the vassal Yewland. She is skilled at the art of kendo, rambunctious, and sometimes danger-prone. Her personality is similar to Gwenne's, but lacks Gwenne's emotional maturity. Antoinette is revealed in "The Final Storm" to be one of the Three Witnesses; one of the three prophesized heroes who bring an end to the war between Alleble and Paragory. Antoinette's name as a Witness is "Child of Storms". This is slightly ironic, because Antoinette is said throughout "Rise of the Wyrm Lord" to be afraid of storms, due to a trauma undergone in near-infancy. As a result of this trauma, she is attuned to weather and is instantly aware of an approaching storm, as well as of the storm's relative intensity. The irony may serve to indicate the ability of King Eliam (to whom the Glimpses of Alleble attribute all positive effects) to generate positive effects even from the least likely and most negative sources.

King Eliam:The omniscient, omnibenevolent, apparently immortal King of Alleble. Acknowledged as ruler by non-Glimpse life-forms, such as trees. His second-in-command, the Sentinel Paragal, attempted to oust King Eliam and usurp the throne, but was unable to complete his conquest. King Eliam is known to be generous, Godlike, and seldom seen. When he does appear, King Eliam resembles a Glimpse, having long white hair and a long white beard, though both features are often hidden by a brilliant halo of light. Alone among the Glimpses, King Eliam's eyes do not display the colors of his loyalty. The Knights of Alleble, in particular the Elder Guard (of whom Aidan, Gwenne, and Paragal were members), are fiercely loyal to him. His name may be a play on the phrase "El I am", wherein "El" is the Hebrew name for the God of Judaism, though it is implied to be pronounced with the stress on the second syllable. At the end of the series, King Eliam departs from the mortal world, leaving Sentinel Kaliam and swordmaiden Merewen to rule Alleble.

Paragor:The main antagonist. Formerly King Eliam's Sentinel Paragal, who led a revolution known as the Great Betrayal. Later was banished to a region of the West, where he anointed himself Prince and gathered armies to himself. The change of his name is indicative of the change of his character; in the oldest language of the Glimpses, "Paragal" means "Pure Light" whereas "Paragor" means "Pure Darkness". Paragor and King Eliam are constantly vying for the loyalties of the free Glimpses, through whom their political power is achieved. Paragor is vanquished at the end of the series. He is an able sorcerer, though shown to be jealous of King Eliam for keeping supermundane power to himself.

Captain Valithor:A Sentinel of Alleble. A powerful figure, known to be almost entirely honest with himself and others; notable for his thunderous voice and the strict discipline he imposes on his students, the Elder Guard. These two are combined when, on the training field, Captain Valithor admonishes the Elder Guard with such epithets as "weedy, idle-headed giglets" or "lumpish, tardy-gaited canker-blossom". Captain Valithor's human counterpart is Aidan's grandfather; his son Ravelle is king of Mithegard and the alter-ego of Aidan's father Charles; his grandson Aelic is Aidan's reflection. Captain Valithor is himself killed when Mithegard is sacked by Paragor's army.

Grampin:Aidan's paternal grandfather. Is known to be crippled in the legs, to have traveled to the Realm, and to have kept an extensive diary. The death of his parents and loss of his mobility is implied to correspond with Valithor's similar losses of his parents and much of the skin on his hands during the Great Betrayal. Grampin speaks with a broad accent and a firm tone of voice. It is he who encourages Aidan to resume belief in the reality of the Realm, after the belief had been doubted by Aidan's father. Died as a result of Valithor's murder.

Ravelle:King of the city-state Mithegard and son of Captain Valithor. Ravelle, in his youth, became estranged from his father and left Alleble for Mithegard, where he became king through a vaguely described process. His own statements imply that rule of Mithegard is not necessarily inherited, but can be obtained through a "campaign", which word may signify either a coup d'etat or a raising of support for himself among the people. His right to rule remains unchallenged. Ravelle's selfishness caused his wife Ariana to be estranged from him. After the destruction of Mithegard by Paragor's army, Ravelle became a vassal of Alleble. His son Aelic (the Glimpse version of Adian) later joined the Elder Guard.

Kaliam:A Glimpse warrior who is often called "Pathfinder" and who helps Aidan learn knighthood. In the second book, Kaliam is promoted to Sentinel of Allble. He is quite compassionate, tall, and capable. He often imitates Valithor in order to admonish his students. In "The Final Storm", Kaliam marries the swordmaiden Merewen. At the end, he is appointed ruler of Alleble by King Eliam.

Nock and Bolt:Twin archers who grew up in Yewland, a vassal domain of Alleble. As a result of a tradition wherein toddlers are taught to use a bow before they can walk, Nock and Bolt almost never miss a target. When not practicing their shooting, they enjoy talking/sparring with Mallik (see below). Bolt is eventually killed in battle while defending Mithegard. His death is experienced as a shock by the Queen of Yewland, who was very much attached to him. Nock, at the end of the series, becomes ruler of Yewland after the Queen is killed by Paragor's allies.

Mallik:Gigantic Glimpse warrior from the vassal kingdom of Alleble located in the Blue Mountains. His people are known for their skills with mining and stonemasonry. Mallik appears to be brusque and coarse, but is eventually revealed as a big-hearted, gentle giant. Distinguished by his size and by his war hammer. Mallik eventually succeeds to the rulership of the Blue Mountains after the death of King Brower.

Rucifel:Paragor's second-in-command. A ruthless, cruel fighter known for using two swords simultaneously. Acts as his Prince's diplomat. His name is an anagram of "Lucifer". His human alter-ego is Kurt Pierson, father of Robby (see below). His son is Lord Kearn, Robby's Glimpse alter-ego.

Acsriot:A member of the Elder Guard, who betrayed his fellows to Paragor. In order to disrupt a diplomatic mission sent to the city-state Mithegard, he advised the Guard to travel across a wasteland known as the Grimwalk, whose stormy weather scattered the knights. Acsriot escaped on dragonback, later to join Paragor's army for an attack on Mithegard. There, he fought on Paragor's side and eventually inflicted a mortal wound on Captain Valithor. Moments later, Aidan took Valithor's sword "Fury" and used it to kill Acsriot. His name is an anagram or play on "Iscariot", the name of a disciple of Jesus who betrayed his mentor.

Robby Pierson:Aidan's ex-schoolfellow. Athletic, outwardly relaxed, but very traumatized by his parents' separation. His Glimpse counterpart Kearn is a servant of Paragor. When Antoinette learns thereof, she attempts to convert Kearn to King Eliam's side, but in so doing places the entire mission of which she is part in danger. Robby is approached by Paragor and/or the servants thereof, who bring about his good luck in order to convince him to join their side; thus creating a plot similarity to the story of Faust. Robby is later convinced to become a servant of Alleble under the influence of Aidan. He is trained as a knight of the Elder Guard, later to join them as the twelfth member of their group. Robby is revealed in "The Final Storm" to be one of the Three Witnesses; one of three prophesized heroes who bring about the final end of the war between Paragory and Alleble. His name as a Witness is "Dragonfriend", because he alone could tame "Splinter", the most vicious dragon in the service of Alleble.

Trenna Swiftfoot:Glimpse maiden rescued from slavery by Antoinette. Born and raised in Yewland. Antoinette dubbed her a servant of King Eliam just outside of the trading posts known as Baen-Edge. Trenna later became a knight of the Elder Guard.

Aelic:Glimpse knight, son of King Ravelle and grandson of Captain Valithor. Aidan's alter-ego. Aelic is similar to Aidan in some ways, but has more skill with words and has made fewer comical mistakes. As a result, Aelic is often embarrassed when reminded of Aidan's foibles. He is fond of Antoinette, but is less reckless than she or Aidan. Aelic very much likes the stew that is speciality of the palace servant Elspeth (see below).

Falon:Eldest of the mortiwraiths (see Wraith). Falon dwells in a cavern, where she amuses herself by arranging her body into a maze called Falon's Labyrinth. If Glimpses or humans can navigate this maze without error, Falon will allow them to pass unharmed; if they make mistakes, Falon will eat them. She owes Captain Valithor a debt for his rescue of her daughter from Paragor's knights, which she pays by helping Aidan rescue Gwenne and several Mithegardians from a Paragorian military camp. Her son Faethon tests Antoinette during the latter's training as a swordmaiden. Falon is ultimately killed in a battle with the Wyrm Lord (see below). Because her blood is a toxin, the Wyrm Lord dies upon ingesting it.

Faethon:Last living son of Falon the Great. He tests Antoinette's trust in the King and later is sought by Sentinel Kaliam and Lady Merewen, who wish him to help defeat Paragor. He is not found, and nothing is ever said of his outcome.

Wyrm Lord:Oldest of the Realm's dragons, whose envy and hate have corrupted him. In the second book, he arises from long imprisonment (given as a punishment for his murder of Torin, King Eliam's most faithful servant) to aid Paragor in conquest. His servants are seven lupine creatures called the wolvin Seven Sleepers, who like him have the power of shape-changing. It is suggested that the Wyrm Lord caused the Realm to separate from the readers' world. His Black Breath, which obscures vision, creates a frightening backdrop for the Final Storm after which the third book is named. He dies as a result of having ingested the blood of Falon the mortiwraith.

Sil Arnoth:Oldest of the Realm's trees. He is a blackwood tree — a species unique to the Realm, so called for its shining black coloration — as large as a Sequoia. Sil Arnoth's growth rings, like those of most blackwood trees, are legible to Glimpses, who can in them read a highly detailed description of the trees' entire history. Sil Arnoth himself is held in reverence by the Glimpses of Yewland, as well as by King Eliam, who hid inside him a scroll revealing the location of that place wherein the Wyrm Lord is imprisoned. He is eventually killed by Paragor, who seeks to discover the location of the Wyrm Lord.

Zabediel/Zabed:A scribe in the service of King Eliam. Zabed has lived for millennia. It was he who wrote on the scroll taken from Sil Arnoth by Paragor the location of the Wyrm Lord. On the same scroll is written the prophecies of Paragor's rise and of the Three Witnesses.Zabediel is known to have lived, until the third book's beginning, in the secluded village of Balesparr. From there, he was taken by Paragor and imprisoned. He was freed by Aidan and Antionette, to whom he revealed the prophecy. Zabed was later killed while trying to escape Paragory.

Naysmithe:A master swordsmith and former Sentinel of Alleble. He is known to have prepared for the coming of the Three Witnesses by creation of weapons for their use.

Merewen:Literally "White pool [of water] ", Merewen is a swordmaiden formerly in the service of Paragor, who turned to the Alleb side. She is part of the diplomatic mission to revive the alliance of Yewland to Alleble. As a result of her experiences, her arguments in favor of service to King Eliam are more convincing than are the arguments of those who have been Allebs all along. Merewen eventually marries Kaliam.

Count Eogan:A spy from Paragory, who disguises himself as an Alleb envoy and attempts to impose harsh laws on Yewland, in order to turn the inhabitants of Yewland against Alleble. He is thwarted in this effort by the mission headed by Kaliam. Later, Eogan approaches Robby, whom he teaches to perceive Paragor as the injured party of the Great Betrayal, only to have his statements refuted by Aidan. He is later killed by the sword he gave Robby.

Oswyn/Os:Oswyn is a herbalist and a chemist, as well as a knight of Alleble. He is quite friendly and very much enjoys experimenting with chemicals of all kinds. Several of his concoctions are explosive and therefore used in battle.

Queen Illaria:Queen of Yewland. One of the strongest allies of Alleble. She has exceptionally keen hearing; is generous and indulgent toward nonroyals; is both passionate and cautious; and is known to have had a soft spot for Bolt.

Farix:A Glimpse martial artist, known to be a lethal, efficient fighter despite his lack of any weapon other than his limbs. He is capable, as such, of holding his own in a battle and keeping his friends safe.

Thrivenbard:A tracker and pathfinder, having skills superior to any other of his trade. Very flexible, co-ordinated, and agile. Blames himself for the loss of anyone whom he guides.

Halberad:Thrivenbard's apprentice, who is often awed by his mentor. His name resembles that of Halbarad the Dúnedain, a minor character in the "The Lord of the Rings".

Warriant:"First vanguard", or war-leader, of the Glimpses who dwell, isolated, in Balesparr. His people wish to remain aloof from the wars fought between other Glimpses, until such a position becomes untenable. Although he is nearly neutral, as reflected in his green eyes, for a large part of the book, he eventually becomes a servant of Alleble.

Rogan:A warrior from Mithegard who fights on the side of Alleble. Rogan carries a large ax. He is chosen as one of those who assist Antoinette on her journey to Yewland in "The Rise of the Wyrm Lord". He becomes a good friend of Nock and Mallik and is often near them in the rest of the series. He is sent to watch Robby on his mission in the King's Forest in "The Final Storm" to make sure that Robby is a wholehearted follower of King Eliam. He is one of those who survived Paragor and the Wyrm Lord's attack in "The Final Storm".

Boldoak:A Yewland warrior. His name implies the presence of oak trees in the Realm.

Baldergrim:A Yewland warrior.

Elspeth:An Alleb Glimpse who acts as caretaker to the new recruits among the knights. She is quite talkative, optimistically stoic, and fond of her charges, as well as familiar with most of those to whom she speaks. Elspeth is renowned as a skilled cook; her speciality is a stew much prized among the Elder Guard. She has a very hard time keeping secrets, and is very inquisitive.

Kearn:Robby's alter-ego, the son of Rucifel. A highly-ranked servant of Paragor. Kearn believes that the world is a savage place, wherein all creatures constantly take from each other; therefore he is continuously frightened of the idea that if he has not power superior to that of others, the others will take that which he considers precious from him. Antoinette, having recognized him as Robby's counterpart, makes several efforts to persuade Kearn that he should fight on the side of Alleble. Although Kearn is hostile to and scornful of this suggestion, he makes efforts of his own to understand Antoinette's motives and is gradually converted to her beliefs. During his imprisonment of her, Kearn visits Antoinette many times, in which encounters the debate between them occurs. He shows more mercy and respect toward her than to his other prisoners, to the extent of giving her a sword by which to die fighting her would-be executioners.

Ariana:Wife of King Ravelle of Mithegard. Separated from her husband when they refused to co-operate. Ariana lived in Balesparr for several years, then later reunited with Ravelle before the end of the war — ironically on the very day of Kaliam's marriage to Merewen.

Gabrielle/Gabby:Gwenne's silver dragon. Brings Aidan to Alleble in the first book. Later serves as Aelic's mount when Gwenne is replaced in the Realm by Antoinette. Gabby is affectionate to most people and loyal to both of her riders. She ultimately dies defending Aelic from the Seven Sleepers.

Honk:A white dragon from Yewland, so named in imitation of a sound she uses as a name for herself. Serves as Antoinette's mount when Antoinette is trying to reform Lord Kearn. Like all dragons in the Realm, Honk is loyal to her rider and understands everything that is said to her. Dragons of her color and breed are said to be the fastest in the Realm. She is not mentioned after Antoinette's capture by Kearn.

Swiftwing:A dragon from Alleble. Sent by King Eliam to be Captain Valithor's mount after the captain was nearly killed in a violent "Tempest" created by Paragor. Swiftwing is said to have fought and died in the battle at Mithegard.

Butterwing:A dragon known for smooth flight. Mentioned by Mallik in "The Final Storm". Later becomes Nock's mount "en route" to the Blue Mountains.

Splinter:A dark-colored female dragon, named for the white spines protruding from the back of her head and tip of her tail. Untamable except by Robby. Dies defending him when Alleble is sacked by Paragor's army.

Blue Dragons:Alleble's messenger dragons, used only in times of emergency. Known for their speed and stamina.

Black Dragons:Huge, bulky, unwieldy dragons kept by Paragor's people as beasts of burden. Used to carry the siege engines from Paragory to targets of its invasions.

Timera:A Mortiwraith descended of Falon, who has the atypical abilities to glide by means of flaps of skin located between her legs (compare to the gliding lizards of the tropics) and to remain unharmed in moonlight and sunlight, which ordinarily activate the toxins in a mortiwraith's blood, killing it. Mentioned only in a chapter of "The Final Storm" that is not seen in the mainstream edition. In this chapter, she is shown enlisting Mallik and Nock to help her build a shelter for her offspring.


Alleble:King Eliam's domain. Alleble is the oldest and most prosperous kingdom in the Realm. It is a walled city-state, located roughly in the center of the Realm. Its culture is described only as "a city that desired to be at peace but should be ever ready [for] war". Located near King Eliam's palace are two monuments; the Seven Glorious Fountains and the Library of Light. The Seven Fountains are known as Alleble's trademark across the Realm, visited publicly, whereas the Library of Light is a secret place closed to all except King Eliam and his Sentinel(s). One of the Fountains has been inactive ever since Paragor used it as a furnace to burn the Elder Guard alive. Inhabitants of Alleble are known as Allebs.

Paragory:The fortress established by Paragor and his followers after their exile from Alleble. It is located in the West of the Realm. Nearby stands the double-peaked mountain called the Prince's Crown, under which Paragor imprisons all those who have died in his service. Paragory is not acknowledged as a nation by the Allebs, though other city-states in the Realm are known to trade with it. Because no mention is made of any agriculture practiced by Paragory's Glimpses, trade is presumably a necessity. The entrance to Paragory is the Gate of Despair, a pair of gigantic metal doors opening into the side of the Prince's Crown. Immediately inside is a vast hall, where millions of dead bodies are kept, decaying. The accumulation without relief of millions of cadavers has given the area a vile odor.

Mithegard:A city-state located in the North of the Realm. It is built of immense slabs of granite, which were brought from the Blue Mountains and carved by the Glimpses thereof. Mithegard is distinguished by its Seven Towers. Until the story of the first book, Mithegard remained neutral to Paragory and Alleble by trading with both and ignoring their war. Both domains simultaneously sent envoys to Mithegard, asking for an alliance; when the Alleb envoys, knights Gwenne and Aidan, showed honour in the court, King Ravelle of Mithegard delayed casting his influence to either side. The emissary from Paragory, Rucifel, responded to this delay with an open attack. Mithegard was razed, though many of its inhabitants survived. It was in this battle that the knights Bolt and Valithor were killed. Later, Mithegard was rebuilt, whereupon King Ravelle became a vassal of King Eliam.

The Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun:An afterlife to which the identities of those who serve King Eliam are sent upon their deaths. Here, the Glimpse's identity is no longer distinct from that of the human. When Paragor kills the Three Witnesses as punishment for their refusal to "deny" King Eliam, the greatest heroes of Alleble (including the Witnesses and Captain Valithor) are brought from the Sacred Realm into the mortal world, later to be sent into the Sacred Realm again after Paragor's death. It is said to be a place of adventures "beyond [Aidan's] wildest dreams".

Yewland:A city-state South-West of Alleble, built in and among the trees of a forest. It is notable for the nectar-based drink called Golden Tear; for the zip lines used for intracity transport; for the skill of its archers; for the extremely fast-flying white dragons that call it home; and for its sylvan beauty. Yewland is a longtime ally of Alleble. Its faith in the latter was only shaken once, when a Glimpse called Count Eogan was sent to Yewland by Paragor to masquerade as an Alleb overseer. When the news thereof reached Alleble, Sentinel Kaliam headed a mission to revive Yewland's trust in the domain of which it was a vassal. The mission succeeded.

The Blackwood:A forest of blackwood trees, neighbor to Yewland. Because blackwood trees are very large and consume all nutrient in the soil, no other flora can survive in this forest; therefore the Blackwood forest is surrounded by dead trees of other species. The interior of the Blackwood is very dark, due to the massive branches of the trees. It is home to many aggressive predators, and is therefore feared by Glimpses. In the forest, until the second book, were buried the Seven Sleepers.

Baen-Edge:A trading community located on two sides of a river. The Baen side is distinguished by the economic poverty in which its Glimpses live, whereas the Edge side is a crossroads for trade of any and all kinds. Both sides are squalid and home to class distinctions.

The Blue Mountains:A community of provinces, named for its environment. Independent for many years; later a vassal of Alleble. Mallik is a representative of the Glimpses that dwell there. It is ruled by one King Brower until his death.

King's Forest:A forest composed of gigantic trees. Unlike the Blackwood, it is home to diverse species of flora. Dwelling here are giant spiders who live underground; squirrels as large as dogs; color-shifting snakes large enough to swallow Glimpses; moths as large as raptors; and presumably other animals of exceptional size.

Balesparr:A village located in King's Forest. Balesparr is home to Glimpses who wish to remain detached from the wars of Paragory and Alleble. Few outsiders know of its existence until the events of the third book in the series. Zabediel is known to have lived there until his capture by Paragor's soldiers.

Clarion:A city-state located in the south-east of the Realm, north of Baen-Edge. Clarion is a longtime ally of Alleble. It was ultimately destroyed by the Wyrm Lord, who acted on the orders of Paragor.

Candleforge:A city-state located in the extreme west of the Realm. Allied formerly with Alleble and later with Paragory, due to collapse of relations with former.

Frostland:A city-state located in the extreme west of the Realm. Allied formerly with Alleble and later with Paragory, as a result of of collapse of relations with former.

Inferness:A city-state located in the extreme west of the Realm. Allied formerly with Alleble and later with Paragory, as a result of of collapse of relations with former. Name is similar to "Inverness" and to phrase "in furnace".

Ludgeon:Capital of the Blue Mountain Provinces. Notable for its large bridge.

Pennath Ador:Twin mountains that overlook Alleble. The sight of the sunrise between their peaks is thought to be a good omen by the Allebs; as a result, the image of the rising sun between the peaks of Pennath Ador is engraved on swords and armour. The white stone of which these mountains are composed, called "adorite" or "faercrag", is almost indestructible and emits a streak of white fire when violently struck. It was used, near the climax of the series, by the Allebs to fortify their city in preparation for Paragor's final attack. The word "Pennath" is said to mean "mountain" in the oldest language of the Glimpses, and so is used on maps of the Realm (present in all three books) to indicate the presence of mountains, being always followed by the name of the mountain. "Adorite" is stated to mean "of Glory" and "faercrag" "fire stone" in the same language.


[ Recent] [ posts] from Wayne Batson's blog hint the possible arrival of new movie adaptations of the trilogy. As of December 18th, 2007 "...a very important contact in Hollywood received The Door Within and Isle of Swords books, along with Press Releases for the Washington Post Front Page Article, my appearance on Fox & Friends national TV, the books' appearances on the CBA Bestseller Lists, etc. This contact (no name for his privacy) is very well connected with Walden Media (of Narnia and Terabithia fame), as well as Sunflower Productions (recent Amazing Grace movie)". (Quoted from Wayne Batson's Dec. 19 blog post)

Audio Books

On April 5th, 2008 Wayne Thomas Batson announced on [ The Realm Forums] that Thomas Nelson (publisher) would be producing an audio book series of the Trilogy. (Original Announcement [ here.] ) Availability will be on CD, Audible and iTunes, and the release date is tentatively scheduled for January, 2009.

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  • The Godfather — Infobox Film name = The Godfather image size = 215px caption = theatrical poster director = Francis Ford Coppola producer = Albert S. Ruddy writer = Novel: Mario Puzo Screenplay: Mario Puzo Francis Ford Coppola Robert Towne (uncredited) narrator …   Wikipedia

  • The Star Wars Holiday Special — Infobox Television Film name = The Star Wars Holiday Special caption = format = Science fiction writer = George Lucas (story) Pat Proft Leonard Ripps Bruce Vilanch Rod Warren Mitzie Welch starring = Art Carney Harvey Korman Beatrice Arthur Peter… …   Wikipedia

  • The Matrix Reloaded — For the franchise, see The Matrix (franchise). The Matrix Reloaded Theatrical poster featuring Neo and Trinity Directed by Andy Wachowski Larry Wachowski …   Wikipedia

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