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Bidar (Kannada ಬೀದರ್ ) is a city and taluka in Karnataka state, India. It is the administrative seat of Bidar District. Bidar is also know as Karnatakda kerita.

Bidar city is known for its unique Bidri handicraft products. Manjeera is one of the main rivers supplying drinking water for Bidar and Hyderabad cities.


Bidar was one of the most prosperous cities of south India during the period of 11th century to 16th century. Bangalore was perhaps a small village during that time. The fall(decline) of Bidar started in the 17th century and after the Independence in September 1948, the politicians worsened the situation instead of bringing back the glorious days of Bidar.

The first Rashtrakuta capital, Mayurkhandi, was in Bidar district. The regal capital was later moved by Amoghavarsha I to Manyakheta in the present Gulbarga district.

Kalyani (today called Basavakalyan, after Basaveshwara) in Bidar district was the capital of Western Chalukyas, who were also called Kalyani Chalukyas after their capital. The Kalachuris continued with Kalyani as their capital.

Later, Bidar was ruled in succession by the Sevuna Yadavas of Devagiri and the Kakatiyas of Warangal, before being invaded by the armies of Allauddin Khilji, Malik Kafur and Muhammad bin Tughluq.

The generals of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq who were nominated as viceroys of the newly conquered Deccan region broke up and formed the Bahmani Sultanate under Allauddin Hasan Gangu Bahman Shah.

The Bahmani capital was shifted from Ahsanabad (Kalburgi or Kalubaruge, pronounced as Gulbarga by the Muslim newcomers), to Muhammadabad (Bidar, as it was called then), in 1425 and remained capital until the Sultanate's breakup after 1518. It then became the center of the Barid Shahis, one of the five independent sultanates known as the Deccan sultanates, that were the successor states to the Bahmani kingdom.

The Bidar Sultanate was absorbed by the Bijapur Sultanate to the west in 1619, which was in turn conquered by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1686.

Bidar became part of the dominions of the Nizam of Hyderabad from 1724 to 1948, when Hyderabad was annexed to India to become Hyderabad state.

In 1956, it became a part of Mysore state, later renamed Karnataka.

Bidar, along with Gulbarga, Raichur and Koppal are collectively referred to as Hyderabad Karnataka. Bellary, though ceded by the Nizam to the British in 1796 AD, is also grouped together with these areas.

Notable rulers of Bidar

* Chalukyas
* Rashtrakutas
* Western Chalukyas
* Kalachuris
* Qasim Barid Shah I 14921504
* Amir Shah I 15041542
* Ali Shah I 15421579
* Ibrahim Shah 15791586
* Qasim Shah II 15861589
* Amir Shah II 15891601


Bidar is located at coord|17.9|N|77.55|E| [ [ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Bidar] ] . It has an average elevation of 615 metres (2017 feet).


Following are the five talukas of Bidar district: Aurad, Basavakalyan, Bhalki, Bidar and Humnabad

The roads in Basava Kalyan, Aurad, Bidar needs to be improved. The pathetic condition of the roads will block the developement of the city. It hinders many other useful aspects. Bidar needs good roads.

Places of interest

Following are the major places of interest: Narasimha Zarna (Lord Narasimha Temple), Papa nashini (Shiva Temple), Guru Nanak Jhira Gurudwara, Bidar fort at Bidar, great Friday mosque at Bidar, Nayee kamaan (fell down - so no more),madarsa (university)of Mehmood Gawan, choubara(watch tower )at Bidar, several dargahs (mausoleum) of local Islamic saints, Basvesvara Temple,Barid shahi garden, Tomb of mehmood Gawan, Kalyani shariff, 12th Century Cave, Kalyan shariff, Kalyan Fort, Kalyan shairff, Bidri Art Marterials at Old city.

Pap Nash Temple: It is believed that Lord Sri Rama, on the way to Ayodhya from Lanka after defeating Ravana, visited this place and that resulted in the temple which would wash off his act of killing Ravana who is a Shiva Bhakt.

Narasimha Zarna: The temple virtually runs into a cave waterbody and is one of the unique in the world. The water in the cave will guide the pilgrims to the idol.

Madarasa: One of the oldest universities which was founded by Md. Gawan.

Bidar Fort: The fort is one the largest and strongest forts in India. It was built in 15th century.


As of 2001 India census [GR|India] , Bidar had a population of 172,298. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Bidar has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 75% and female literacy of 62%. 14% of the population is under 6 years .Kannada is the administrative and the main spoken language. Hindi, Dakhni Urdu, Telugu and Marathi are the other widely spoken languages.

The literacy rate is far better than the national avarage. NGOs are required to work very hard and also the government so that the district achieves the 90% literacy rate which is not impossible. The villages and the structured self help groups are a success in Bidar and this needs to implemented to all across the country. The literacy rate is directly proportional to the general health, social, economical and political awareness among the people. Politicians have played a major role in worsening the situation in Bidar who never cared about the development and plights and requirements of the common man of the city.

Educational Institutions

* Karnataka Art, Science and commerce college
* Bidar government medical college.
* N.K.Jabshetty Ayurvedic Medical College
* Engineering Colleges - Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar; Rural Engineering College, Bhalki
* Dental Colleges - S. B. Patil Dental College, Bidar.
* Colleges - B.V.Bhoomreddy College, Karnatak College,Dr.Ishwar.Koujalgi.Memorial National Pre-University College, Guru Nanak Dev College, Vidya Science Pre-University College
* Schools - Seventh Day Adventist High School, Guru Nanak Public School (CBSE), Bidar, Air Force School Bidar;B.V.V. Sangh's National School,Bidar; Saint Joseph's School, Bidar; Saraswathi Vidya Mandir; Government Boys and Girls School; Siddharoodha Matha School; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bidar; National High School, Bidar
* R.R.K.Samithi's college of Pharmacy
* M.H.Goel college of Pharmacy
* Mehraj Ali institute of Pharmacy education, Pratap Nagar, Bidar
* Basaveshwar college of education , gumpa road , Bidar

External links

* [ List of sultans of Bidar]
* [ Official Website of the District]


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