Unitrans 3536-4350

Unitrans 3536-4350


Upon unveiling on April 9, 1996, all 15 were driven in a single line from the Unitrans garage to the Memorial Union terminal, where a ribbon cutting ceremony was held. On their arrival at the MU Terminal, several GM buses left, a symbolic gesture to suggest "out with the old, in with the new." Among those in attendance was Congressman Vic Fazio who spoke and helped to cut the ribbon.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Orion Bus Industries

Model: Orion V 05.504 (3536-3542), Orion V 05.501 (4343-4350)

Date built: 1996

Engine: Cummins L10G, fueled by compressed natural gas

Length: 35 feet (3536-3542), 40 feet (4343-4350)

Width: 8½ feet

Seating capacity: 35 (3536-3542), 43 (4343-4350)

Date acquired by Unitrans: April, 1996

Current status: Unitrans Fleet - Active


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* [http://www.orionbus.com/orion Orion Bus Industries]

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