Alan can refer to:
*Alan (name), the given name
*Alan (automobile), a short-lived German automobile
*Alan (crater), a crater on the Moon
*Alan (mythical creature), a race of winged spirits from Tinguian folklore

*Alan (singer), Mexican boy-band singer.
*Alan I, Duke of Brittany, "the Great"
*Alan II, Duke of Brittany
*Alan III, Duke of Brittany
*Alan IV, Duke of Brittany, aka Alan Fergant ("the Younger" in Breton language)
*Alan, abbot of Tewkesbury
*Alan Dawa Dolma, a J-pop singer from China of Tibetan ethnicity.
*Alan Greenspan, American economist
*Alan Gregov, Croatian basketball player
*Alan Hansen, former Liverpool defender and Match of the Day pundit.
*Alan Hshieh, American computer specialist
*Alan Iverson, Australian filmmaker
*Alan Jones (Formula 1) - Formula One world champion
*Alan Kennedy, a former Liverpool defender.
*Alan of Lynn, a 15th-century monk
*Alan Napier, British actor
*Alan Parsons, British musician
*Alan Rickman, award-winning British stage and film actor
*Alan Shearer, Newcastle United's all-time top scorer
*Alan Stivell, French harpist and singer
*Alan Sugar, Founder of Amstrad, and star of the UK version of The Apprentice
*Alan Tam, famous Canto-pop singer from Hong Kong

;Fictional characters
*Alan (Sesame Street), a character in the television series "Sesame Street"
*Alan (Modern Toss), a character in the television series "Modern Toss"
*Alan, the main antagonist in the video game ""
*Alan Grant (Jurassic Park), a main character from the "Jurassic Park" franchise
*Alan Crawford aka. Scipio, a character from

*Alan (village), a village in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
*Alan, Haute-Garonne, a commune in France

ee also

*Alen (disambiguation)
*Allan (disambiguation)
*Allen (disambiguation)

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