Blanket (disambiguation)

Blanket (disambiguation)

A blanket is a large, usually rectangular piece of thick bedding material

Types of blanket

* Afghan blanket, colored wool knitted or crocheted in geometric shapes
* Blanket capote, blanket used as a coat, as by frontiersmen and mountaineers
* Blanket sleeper, a one-piece, footed sleeping garment
* Electric blanket, bedding material with heating powered by electricity
* Fire blanket, safety device used in extinguishing fires
* Hudson's Bay point blanket, brand name of blanket in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries
* Saddle blanket, protective covering for beasts of burden (see also Horse blanket)
* Security blanket, a small child's valued piece of cloth
* Space blanket, a lightweight reflective material used to keep casualties warm


* "Blanket", the nickname given to Prince Michael II, one of Michael Jackson's children (see Michael Jackson marriages and children)


* Blanket, Texas, an American town
* Blanket Independent School District


* Blanket primary, voting system employed in the United States
* Blanket flower, a short-lived annual plant in the United States (see also Indian blanket)
* Blanket stitch, a stitch typically used to edge blankets
* Smallpox blanket
* Blanket bog, bog lying over much of the countryside, formed in cool and very wet climates
* Blanket loan
* Markov blanket
* Blanket order
* Hoover blanket
* Blanket fort
* Ejecta blanket
* Blanket octopus, a species of octopus found in Northern Australia
* Pigs in a blanket, a cuisine in the United Kingdom and United States
* Blanketing, interference caused by strong radio signals
* "Blankets" (graphic novel), a graphic novel by Craig Thompson
* "Blankets" (album), an accompaniment album to Thompson's novel by American indie rock band Tracker
* Blanket protest, Northern Irish prison protest held in the Maze prison by republican prisoners
* Blanketeers, nickname given to the operatives involved in a public protest in 1817 England

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