Fort (disambiguation)

Fort (disambiguation)

A fort is a fortification, a defensive military construction.__NOTOC__

Types of fortifications

*Castle, fortified building
*Defensive wall, fortified wall
*Blanket fort or pillow fort, built by children
*Device Forts, England from 1539
*Hill fort, European Bronze Age / Maori / Indian
*Martello tower, British Empire 19th century
*Promontory fort, mainly Iron Age
*Star fort, 15th and 16th century Europe
*Tegart fort, Palestine from 1938
*Wagon fort, many periods and places
*Playplace, for children, also known as a play fort

People with the surname Fort

*Bernard Fort (born 1954), French musician
*Charles Fort (1874-1932), journalist and researcher whose philosophy inspired the term "Fortean"
*Charles Fort (poet) (born 1951), American poet
*Cornelia Fort (1919-1943), American aviatrix
*De Witt Clinton Fort (1830-1868), Texan politician
*Franklin W. Fort (1880-1937), American politician
*George F. Fort (1809-1872), American politician
*Greenbury L. Fort 91825-1883), American politician
*Jeff Fort (born 1947), American gang leader and convicted terrorist
*John Franklin Fort (1852-1920), American politician
*M. K. Fort, Jr. (1921-1964), American mathematician
*Matthew Fort (born 1954), British food writer and critic
*Neal Fort (born 1968), American footballer
*Pavel Fořt (born 1983), Czech footballer

Other meanings

*Fort (Mumbai precinct), a neighborhood in India
*Fort (band), an Australian band
*"Forts" (album), an album by The Boggs
*Fleet Fort, a Canadian World War II aircraft
*Fort 12, an Ukrainian semi-automatic pistol
*Fort Wayne, Indiana
*RPC Fort, a Ukrainian arms manufacturer
*The Fort (Gillette Stadium), area of soccer stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA
*The Fort (Morrison, Colorado), a restaurant in Morrison, Colorado, USA

ee also

*Fortress (disambiguation)
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* [ Wikipedia articles starting with "Fort"]

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