List of colonial and provincial heads of Cabinda

List of colonial and provincial heads of Cabinda

List of Colonial and Provincial Heads of Cabinda

Coastal enclave, part of present-day Angola

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Portuguese Protectorate of Cabinda Portuguese possession confirmed by the Berlin Conference 14 February 1885
1885 to 1886 Jaime Pereira de Sampaio Forjaz de Serpa Pimentel, Resident  
31 May 1887 Cabinda becomes seat of the Congo district
1890 to 1892 José António de Miranda, Resident Did not take office
1892 to 1897 João Francisco Nunes, Resident  
1897 to 1897 Luís Gonzaga Ribeiro, Resident  
1899 End of Cabindan administrative autonomy
1899 to 1899 Henrique Quirino da Fonseca, Resident  
Congo District
14 July 1887 to 1889 João de Brissac das Neves Ferreira, Governor  
1889 to 1890 António de Azarado de Vasconcelos, Governor  
1890 to 1893 António Sérgio de Sousa, Governor  
1893 to 1895 Nuno de Freitas Queriol, Governor 1st Term
1895 to 1896 Jaime Pereira de Sampaio Forjaz de Serpa Pimenta, Governor  
1895 to 1896 Eduardo Augusto Gomes de Sousa, Governor ?1st Term
1896 to 1897 Nuno de Freitas Queriol, Governor 2nd Term
1897 to 1897 Eduardo Augusto Gomes de Sousa, Governor ?2nd Term
1897 to 1899 Luís Bernardino Leitão Xavier, Governor  
1899 to 1900 Henrique Quirino da Fonseca, Governor  
1900 to 1900 Augusto Pereira do Vale, Governor  
1900 to 1901 Jaime da Fonseca Monteiro, Governor  
1901 to 1901 Pedro de Azevedo Coutinho, Governor  
1901 to 1901 Raúl Correia Betancourt de Furtado, Governor  
1901 to 1902 João dos Santos Pereira Jardim, Governor  
Intendancy of Cabinda Under Maquela
1921 to 1922    
1922 Dependent on Zaire district
Intendancy of Zaire and Cabinda
1930 to 1932    
Intendancy of Cabinda Directly dependent on the governor-general of Angola
1932 to 1934    
Intendancy of Cabinda
1934 Dependent on Angola
1934 to 1945    
District of Cabinda Restored
1946 to 1949 Raul de Lima, Governor  
1949 to 1956 Ismael Pais, Governor  
1956 to 1956 João Baptista Duarte Pinheira, Governor  
1956 to 1957 Jaime António Tavares Machado Banazol, Governor  
1957 to 1958 Norberto Augusto Lopes, Governor  
1959 to 1961 José Paulo Paixão Barradas, Governor  
1961 to 1963 Júlio de Araújo Ferreiro, Governor  
1964 to 1965 Artur João Cabral Carmona, Governor  
1965 to 1966 Adriano Augusto Pires, Governor  
1966 to 1968 João Tiroa, Governor  
1968 to 1970 Américo Agostinho Mendóça Frazão, Governor  
1970 to 1971 Eurico Ferreira Gonçalves, Governor  
1971 to 1975 João António Pinheiro, Governor  
1975 to 1975 Themudo Barata, Governor  
November 1975 to January 1976 FNLA control as part of Democratic People's Republic of Angola
1 August 1975 Independence declared (Cabinda Republic) not recognized by Portugal or Angola
January 1976 Cabinda occupied by Angolan government
Cabinda Province
1975 to ?1993 ..., Governor  
1991 to 1991 Maria Mambo Café, Governor  
September 1992 Briefly occupied by Frente para a Libertação do Enclave de Cabinda
?1993 to January 1995 Augusto Tomas, Governor  
January 1995 to April 2002 José Amaro Tati, Governor  
April 2002 to present José Anibal Rochas, Governor  

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