The Amazing Race 1

The Amazing Race 1

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first_aired = 2001-09-05
last_aired = 2001-12-12
filming_started = 2001-03-08
filming_ended = 2001-04-08
num_episodes = 13
countries_visited = 9
continents_visited = 4
cities_visited = 24
winning_team = Rob & Brennan
miles_traveled = 35000
number_legs = 13
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"The Amazing Race" (now referred to as "The Amazing Race 1") was the first installment of the reality television show, "The Amazing Race". It premiered on September 5, 2001 and ended on December 12, 2001 on US television.



Season 1 was not particularly a ratings success, since it premiered a week before the September 11 attacks. Immediately following 9/11, interest in foreign travel waned and viewership fell correspondingly. The show was further hindered by the lack of media coverage and promotion as networks focused on news stories and more patriotic programming. Additionally, the show premiered and competed in the same time slot as with NBC's short-lived "Lost", another reality show. [cite web | url =,9171,1000734,00.html | title = Lost; The Amazing Race | publisher = Time | date = 2001-09-10 | accessdate = 2008-01-09 | first = James | last = Poniewozik] The show did just well enough to earn a second season, which aired the following spring.


The long anticipated Season 1 DVD was released on September 27, 2005, also the premiere date for Season 8.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcasted on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:

fnb|1 Although the DVD shows some teams completing the unaired Roadblock in Leg 1, not all teams are shown, therefore it cannot be told who completed said Roadblock.
fnb|2 Dave and Margaretta arrived at the Pit Stop 7th, but on the start of Leg 2, they departed 8th after Paul and Amie for an unknown reason.
fnb|3Dave & Margaretta arrived 6th, but were penalized one hour for improperly completing the Roadblock, dropping to 8th.
fnb|4Paul and Amie originally arrived in fifth place, but due to a production difficulty, they were given a time credit, which pushed them up to fourth place.
fnb|5 Frank & Margarita and Joe & Bill were the first two teams to arrive, but they misread the clue and received a 30 minute penalty. The penalty did not affect either of the teams' placement.
fnb|6 Lenny and Karyn were granted a time credit for production difficulties. This did not affect their placement.
fnb|7 Nancy & Emily arrived 4th, but had skipped the Detour and therefore received a 24-hour penalty.
fnb|8 Although Joe and Bill were in third place at the end of the episode, they did not finish the race. They received a clue in Alaska telling them that Rob & Brennan had won.

*Red means the team was eliminated.
*An underlined Blue means the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race.
*Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue. A green-colored leg number indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.

Episode titles

The episode titles are:

#The Race Begins
#Divide And Conquer
#Home For Some
#Colossal Showdown
#Desert Storm
#Whatever It Takes To Win
#Triumph And Loss
#Competition To The Fullest
#The Unexpected Twist
#To The Physical And Mental Limit
#Fight To The Last Minutes
#Race To The Finish

Notable events


*Paul J. Alessi made an appearance on TLC's music video, Waterfalls.


*Season 1 took 39 days to film, as opposed to the average four weeks in other seasons.
*Although the race is planned so that the final three teams will all reach the finish line, Joe and Bill were so far behind that they could not catch up and did not finish the race. This also occurred for the 3rd-place team (David & Jeff) on The Amazing Race 4.
*On Leg 5 Paul and Amie were lost in the Sahara desert after trying numerous routes, getting half of their car stuck in a ditch, and Amie vomiting excessively. Paul quit, but his partner didn't and found the desert oasis pit stop by luck, unknowingly skipping the roadblock and route marker. They were not told to go back and complete the Roadblock, because they arrived in last place. Fact|date=July 2007
*At the end of Leg 5, teams were relocated to Gabès because of a sandstorm at the desert pitstop. Therefore, Leg 6 began in Gabès.
*An airport strike in Rome delayed Leg 6.
*During Leg 13, when Joe and Bill were still completing leg 12, Team Guido was required to have villagers bounce one teammate upwards by the use of an Alaskan tapestry. According to the DVD commentary, the tapestry broke under the weight the day before, so a trampoline had to be used instead. This created a noticeable and odd scene where you never see Team Guido and the villagers in the same shot. In the final shot, the trampoline is clearly visible behind the villagers.
*The pilot who flew Rob and Brennan and Frank and Margarita to Seattle in Leg 13 later contacted Rob and Brennan.


*After the race, Emily and Brennan started dating. []
*Kevin and Drew made an appearance in Season 8, handing out clues from a hot dog stand in New York City.
*After the race, Frank and Margarita reconciled. However, they have since divorced and Frank has remarried. Frank and his new wife are expecting children. Margarita remained with her daughter.
*After the race, Lenny and Karyn broke up. Lenny is now married and has children.
*Kevin & Drew and Joe & Bill were selected to compete in "The Amazing Race All-Stars".
*Joe & Bill received a somewhat mocking letter from Frank as part of a Roadblock in "All-Stars", where Frank did some freestyle poetry and then said he hoped his letter annoyed Joe & Bill as much as they annoyed him. Footage of Frank was shown in the episode. Joe & Bill later interviewed that there was also a much friendlier letter from Nancy & Emily in the pile and they were sorry they hadn't gotten to read that one on the air.
*On "The Amazing Race:All-Stars Mat Chat", the Guidos said they were running the race for Margaretta, as she had been in and out of hospital. According to Paul J. Alessi (from Paul & Amie), Margaretta had been fighting cancer for quite some time, and according to Kevin (of Kevin and Drew) she was undergoing chemotherapy. Margaretta recently announced that she is in remission.
*Paul & Amie married.
*Kevin & Drew, Lenny & Karyn, Rob & Brennan and Joe & Bill did commentary for the Season 1 DVD.

Race summary

Leg 1 (United States → South Africa → Zambia)

*New York City, New York, United States flagicon|United States (Central Park, Starting Point)
*"' flagicon|Zambia ( [ Livingstone Airport] )
*Livingstone (Victoria Falls - Knife's Edge)
*Livingstone (Boiling Pot, Zambezi River) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Hike Down Slope to Boiling Pot
*Livingstone (Batoka Gorge) TAR clue|Detour|Air or Land
* [ Songwe Village] TAR clue|Roadblock|Cook and eat an ostrich egg (unaired) TAR clue|Pit Stop|1

In the first Fast Forward of the race, teams had to hike down a steep slope to Boiling Pot. The Detour for this leg was [ Air] or Land. In Air, teams had to take a zipline and then do a 54-meter gorge swing. In Land, teams had to take a long hike down the mountains. All teams (except Rob & Brennan) chose Air. The Roadblock, which was unaired (but available on the DVD set), was to eat an ostrich egg.

Leg 2 (Zambia → South Africa → France)

*Songwe Village (Songwe Museum) TAR clue|Detour|Near or Far
*Zambezi River ( [ Bundu Adventures] ) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Whitewater rafting
* [ Mukini Village]
*Paris (Eiffel Tower) TAR clue|Roadblock|Locate flag on monument {Arc de Triomphe)
*Paris (Arc de Triomphe) TAR clue|Pit Stop|2

The Detour for this leg was [ Near] or [ Far] . In Near, teams went to a nearby jungle to photograph three hard to find animals. In Far, teams had to go to Botswana to photograph only one elephant. The Roadblock on this leg was to climb up part of the Eiffel Tower and look for the pitstop (the Arc de Triomphe) with a telescope. The Fast Forward was to whitewater raft with Bundu Adventures.

;Additional task

* At Mukini village, Teams take their part in a traditional welcome ceremony for honored guests. The ceremony involve meeting the village chief as well as viewing a tribal dance.

Leg 3 (France)

*Paris (La Grande Roue) TAR clue|Detour|Tough Climb or Easy Walk
*Paris ( [ Mariage Frères] ) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Pick the right tea
*Paris ( [ Hôtel de Ville] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|Walk through sewer
*Paris ( [ Place du Chatelet] )
*Les Baux de Provence ( [ Château des Baux] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|3

The first challenge on this leg was the Detour: Tough Climb or Easy Walk. In Tough Climb the teams had to climb up the tower of Notre Dame de Paris and ring a bell. In Easy Walk, teams had to find the Foucault pendulum in the Panthéon. The only catch was there were two Foucault pendulums at two different places, which the teams didn't know. In the Roadblock, one member of each team had to walk through the sewers of Paris. The Fast Forward was to find an obsure tea shop and pick the right tea in Mariage Frères.

Leg 4 (France → Tunisia)

*Marseille (Port of Marseilles)
*Tunis, Tunisia flagicon|Tunisia (Bab Bhar) TAR clue|Detour | Full Body Brew or Full Body Massage
* [ Sidi Bou Said] TAR clue|Fast Forward|Unused, Unaired ("Unused, unaired")
*El Djem ( [ Amphitheater of Thysdrus] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|Not for anyone who is afraid of the dark TAR clue|Pit Stop|4

The Detour on this leg was Full Body Brew or Full Body Massage. In Full Body Brew, teams had to find a coffee shop in Bab Bhar marketplace, without a map. In Full Body Massage, teams, with the help of a map, had to find a massage area and sit through a 20 minute massage. The Roadblock took place at the Amphitheater of Thysdrus. The person performing the Roadblock had to navigate the amphitheater to find the pit of death. Then, they had to take a sword from the pit and bring it to the pit stop. The unused Fast Forward told teams to go fishing for it on board the ‘Kinsa’ in the port of Sidi Bou Said. [cite web|url=|title=" Post on TWoP forums with information supplied by Brennan. (Scroll down to 'Season 1 — Leg 4') " |accessmonthday=November 2 |accessyear=2006]

;Additional task

* At the Marseilles ferry terminal, Teams traveled from France to Tunisia by boat.

Leg 5 (Tunisia)

*Tataouine (Globe monument) TAR clue|Detour|Puzzling or Listening
*Sahara ( [ Ksar Ghilane] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|Who Wants to go for a Ride?
*Sahara (Compass Coordinates; Route Marker)
*Sahara (Ksar Ghilane) TAR clue|Pit Stop|5

In Tataouine, Tunisia, teams found a Detour: [ Listening] or [ Puzzling] . In Listening, teams had to locate a Star Wars set and get a walkie talkie. Using their walkie talkie, they had to find the other one on the set. In Puzzling, teams had to locate a specific house in Tataouine, and win a Tunisian dice game. The Roadblock was to ride a camel led by the non-Roadblocking partner in the Sahara Desert. The team member riding the camel had to us a compass, and set of compass directions (E.G. travel 50 meters north-west, then 17 meters, east) to find a route marker in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

Leg 6 (Tunisia → Italy)

*Tunis ( [ Palace Hotel] )
*Rome (Colosseum) TAR clue|Detour|Foot or Hoof
*Modena ( [ Castelfranco Emilia] )
*Modena (Pagani Auto Factory) TAR clue|Roadblock|For someone who likes to take things slowly
*Sant' Agata Bolognese (Town Square) TAR clue|Pit Stop|6

In Rome, teams encountered a Detour, [ Foot] or Hoof. Foot required teams to find a large statue of a foot, and their next clue. In Hoof teams were given a picture of a hoof and had to match up the hoof to a hoof on a statue. At the bottom of the horse statue, there were taxis, so teams would pick up speed. The Roadblock was to drive a small car to find the pit stop, Sant' Agata Bolognese, using a map in Italian. the team member also had follow a specific route to the Pit Stop.

Leg 7 (Italy → India)

*Sant' Agata Bolognese (Town Square) TAR clue|Detour|Glide or Ride
*Ferrara ( [ Castello Estense] ) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Boat in a moat
*Delhi (Red Fort) TAR clue|Roadblock|Hire rickshaw, find shopkeeper
*Agra, Uttar Pradesh ( [ Taj Khema Hotel] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|7

The Detour of this leg was [ Glide] or Ride. In Glide, teams took a glider ride with a professional glider, first come, first serve. In Ride, teams had to ride bikes with a map to the clue box. The Fast Forward was to find Castello Estense and ride a boat in the moat to find a clue on the wall. The Roadblock was to hire a rickshaw and find a shopkeeper in Red Fort Market.

Leg 8 (India)

*Agra (Taj Mahal) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Unused, unaired ( [ Unused, unaired] )
*Jaipur, Rajasthan (Hawa Mahal or Jal Mahal) TAR clue|Detour|Elephant or Rowboat
*Deshnoke (Karni Mata) TAR clue|Roadblock|Find a jar inside the Karni Mata Temple
*Bikaner ( [ Laxmi Niwas Palace] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|8

The Detour of this leg was Elephant or Rowboat. In Elephant, teams had to find a holy man by riding an elephant to his location. In Rowboat, teams had to find a holy man using the boat to get to his location. The Roadblock was to find a jar of clues in Karni Mata Temple, a temple of rats, with only socks on. The unused Fast Forward had teams traveling to Jantar Mantar to climb 22 or 33 steps. [cite web|url=|title=" Post on TWoP forums with information supplied by Brennan. (Written in first post) " |accessmonthday=November 2 |accessyear=2006]

Leg 9 (India → Thailand)

*Bangkok (Temple of Dawn) TAR clue|Detour|Public or Private
*Bangkok (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Traditional Buddhist good luck ritual
*Kanchanaburi (Buddhist Monastery) TAR clue|Roadblock|Should be a "cat" lover
*Krabi (Tiger Cave Temple) TAR clue|Pit Stop|9

In Thailand, the Detour was Public or Private. In Public teams had to go to a local bus station for a bus leaving every 15 minutes, going to their next location. In Private, teams had to find a van within a specified perimeter of Bangkok, with a license plate as their only clue. The Fast Forward was to go to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and find the bowl with the correct number of coins to participate in the ritual correctly. The in the Roadblock one team member had to walk through a pit of tigers.

Leg 10 (Thailand)

*Rai Leh Beach ( [ King's Climbing] )
*Rai Leh Beach ( [ Thaiwand Wall] ) TAR clue|Fast Forward|Unused; Unaired TAR clue|Detour|Hike or Climb
*Bo Tor, Ao Luk (Sea, Land and Trek) TAR clue|Roadblock|Paddle kayak to nearby cave
*offshore [ Chicken Island] (underwater)
*Pai Plong Beach TAR clue|Pit Stop|10

The Detour on this leg was Hike or Climb. In Hike, teams had to go on a long hike to find their next clue. In Climb, teams had to climb King's Rock Climb Wall, and then rappel into a boat. The Roadblock was to paddle a kayak with the team and their luggage to a nearby cave with snorkling gear and their next clue. The clue said to use the scuba gear to dive for their next clue.

Leg 11 (Thailand → People's Republic of China)

*Beijing (Jingshan Park, Top Pavilion) TAR clue|Detour|Volley or Rally
*Beijing (Beijing Food Market)
*Beijing ( [ Hongqiao Market] ) TAR clue|Roadblock|Have food bought at market cooked at stand #57 and Eat it
*Beijing (Tiantan Park, Temple of Heaven - [ South Gate] ) TAR clue|Pit Stop|11

In mainland China, teams encountered the Detour: Volley or Rally. In Volley teams had to score five points in a ping-pong game against an expert ping-pong player. In Rally, teams took three common forms of transportation of People's Republic of China (Bus, Motorcycle, and Rickshaw) to get to their next clue. The Roadblock was to eat the food bought at the Beijing Food Market, including chicken feet, beetle larvae, and squid.

Leg 12 (People's Republic of China → United States)

*Beijing (Tiantan Park)
*Great Wall of China (Jūyōng Pass) TAR clue|Detour|Flat or Steep
*Scotty Lake (Bed and Breakfast)
*Scotty Lake (Blanket Toss Area)
*Matanuska Glacier TAR clue|Roadblock|Climb Matanuska Glacier
*Highway Mile Marker 131
*Wilderness Cabin TAR clue|Pit Stop|12

The Detour for this leg was Flat or Steep. In Flat, teams took a flat route of the Great Wall of China to find their clue. In Steep teams took a steeper, but shorter, route. The Roadblock in Alaska, USA, was to climb the Matanuska Glacier.

;Additional task
*One Team member must be bounced up and down on an Alaskan tapestry until they spot the next route marker.

Leg 13 (United States)

* [ Takosha Lodge] TAR clue|Detour|Dog Power or Horsepower
*Fish Lake TAR clue|Roadblock|Completely submerge in the frigid water of Fish Lake
*Queens, New York City, New York ( [ Vincent Daniels Square] )
*New York City (Flushing Meadows Park) TAR clue|Pit Stop (Finish line)

The Detour on this leg was Dog Power or Horsepower. In Dog Power, teams mushed sled dogs to their next clue. In Horsepower, teams had to take a much longer route with a snowmobile. The last challenge of the race was a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, teams had to strip down to underwear or a bathing suit and completely submerge into the frigid waters of Fish Lake, an Alaskan tradition.


*"The Amazing Race: The First Season." CBS. DVD. Paramount, 2005.

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