Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) is an industry trade group representing securities firms, banks, and asset management companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. SIFMA was formed on November 1, 2006, from the merger of The Bond Market Association and the Securities Industry Association.

Mission, members, and offices

SIFMA brings together the shared interests of more than 650 securities firms, banks, and asset managers. SIFMA's mission is to promote effective and efficient regulation, facilitate more open, competitive, and efficient global capital markets, champion investor education, retirement preparedness, and savings, and ensure the public’s trust in the securities industry and financial markets. SIFMA represents its members’ interests locally and globally. It has offices in New York, Washington, DC, and London, and its associated firm, the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA), is based in Hong Kong. []

The European High Yield Association (EHYA), an affiliate of SIFMA located in London, is a trade association representing participants in the European high yield market. Members include banks, investors, issuers, law firms, accounting firms, financial sponsors, and other participants in the European high yield market. []

The European Securitisation Forum (ESF), an affiliate of SIFMA located in London, promotes the efficient growth and continued development of securitisation throughout Europe. It advocates the positions, represents the interests, and serves the needs of its members — European securitisation market participants. ESF increases awareness, builds consensus, and pursues advocacy projects relating to an array of legal, regulatory, accounting, capital, tax, and other issues that impact the European securitisation markets, working with relevant European regulators and standards-setters. Operating within SIFMA's Bylaws, ESF is governed by a Board of Directors and a network of standing committees and working groups drawn from ESF's broad membership base. []

The American Securitization Forum (ASF), an affiliate of SIFMA located in New York, is a voice for industry and market regulatory and legislative priorities, delivering education and information to individuals. Operating within the parameters of SIFMA's Bylaws and ASF's Bylaws, ASF is governed by a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, a Management Committee, and a network of standing committees and Subforums drawn from ASF’s membership base. []


SIFMA has three product and customer-based groups that focus both on the US and globally: Capital Markets, Private Client, and Asset Management. The Capital Markets Group focuses on the primary and secondary markets for equity and fixed income securities. Its customer focus is issuers, underwriters, traders, and institutional investors. The Private Client Group focuses on investment products sold to private clients, as well as individual investor education. The Asset Management Group focuses on investment products about which asset managers provide investment advice or investment management services, and on institutional investors and hedge funds.

enior management

SIFMA's senior management includes T. Timothy Ryan (CEO & President), Randy Snook (Senior Managing Director & EVP), Michael Paese (EVP, Global Advocacy), and Karsten Moller (Senior Managing Director, Europe & Asia).

Board of Directors

SIFMA's Chairman of the Board is Blythe Masters (Head of Global Commodities, J.P. Morgan Chase), Chair-Elect is G. Douglas Edwards (former President & CEO, Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.), and Vice Chairs are Bernard Beal (CEO of M.R. Beal & Company), and Michael Ryan (Head of Institutional Securities, Credit Suisse). Other directors include Abigail Johnson (President, Fidelity Employer Services Company, Fidelity Investments) and Sallie Krawcheck (former Chairman & CEO, Citi Global Wealth Management), among others.

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