Runner (cricket)

Runner (cricket)

In cricket, a runner is a team member who runs between the wickets for an injured batsman.

When a runner is used, the batsman stands in position and plays shots as normal, but does not attempt to run between the wickets: the runner runs in his stead. The runner occupies the injured batsman's crease when he is on strike, but takes up a position away from the pitch at the umpire's discretion, usually in the vicinity of square leg.

When the injured batsman moves off strike, he then takes up the position near the square leg umpire (not at the bowler's end), and the runner stands next to the bowler's wicket as in the normal course of play.

*A runner can only be used if the batsman is incapacitated during the game and not as result of a pre-existing injury.
*His use must meet the approval of the umpires.
*The runner must be a member of the batting side, but not the twelfth man.
*He must also have already have batted in the innings, if possible.
*The runner carries a bat, and must wear the same protective equipment as the batsman he is running for.

If "either" the injured batsman or his runner is out of his ground, the batsman is liable be to or stumped. The runner is also subject to other laws such as obstructing the field and handling the ball.

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