Runner may refer to:

* Someone or something who runs
* Baserunner, an offensive player in baseball who has successfully reached base
* Gilera Runner, a moped/scooter manufactured by Gilera
* Runner (band)
* Runner (cricket), a player who runs for an injured batsman
* Runner (comics), a Marvel Comics character
* "Runner" (film), a film by the British artist Ravi Deepres
* Runner (Logans Run), a type of character in the film "Logan's Run"
* "Runner" (song), a 1984 hit single by Manfred Mann's Earth Band
* Runner (Stargate), a type of character in the fictional "Stargate" universe
* "Runner" ("Stargate Atlantis"), an episode of the television series "Stargate Atlantis"
* USS "Runner" (SS-275), Gato-class submarine, 1942–1943
* USS "Runner" (SS-476), Tench-class submarine, 1944–1971

Runner may also refer to:
* Messenger
* Athletic shoe
* Television crew Runner, the most junior members of a television crew
* Stolon, an aerial shoot from a plant with the ability to produce adventitious roots and new clones
* Sling (climbing equipment)
* Long, flat, smooth ski-like glides on a sled
* A runner rug, a long, narrow rectangular rug
* Any of several members of the carangidae family of fishes
* The rotating driven element of a water turbine (hydroelectric) generator

ee also

* Run
* Athlete (track and field)

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