Beyond All Sense 2005

Beyond All Sense 2005

Infobox Album |
Name = Beyond All Sense 2005
Type = studio
Artist = Destiny

Released = 2005
Recorded = 2000/2005
Genre = Heavy metal
Length =
Label = GMR
Producer = Destiny
Reviews =
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Last album = Future of the Past"'
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Next album = "Cold Fire"

"Beyond All Sense 2005" is Destiny's sixth album. Released in 2005 just on CD.

This is not the new Destiny album or even the follow-up to "Future of the Past", released in 2004. This is a re-recorded version of Destiny’s very first album Beyond All Sense, released in March 1985. The original album was just released in Sweden in a limited number of 2000 copies and only on vinyl. Those of you that have the original album know that it was not a perfect album, but hopefully you will agree with me that the songs were pretty good. We, Destiny of 2005, feel that it would be appropriate to give those songs a new chance with this all new re-recording in time for the 20th anniversary of the original album. We started to record the first drums way back in the year 2000 and then kept recording parts whenever we got some spare time. In the end we re-recorded all parts of the album once again last year, 2004, except for the drums. We did not set out to purposely rearrange any of the songs, but when an idea presented itself we usually used it. Even though I wrote some parts of a couple of the songs, and was very involved with the arrangements, most of the music for this album was written by Magnus Österman, co-founder and original guitarist of Destiny, and John Prodén, also an original guitarist. Håkan Ring, who was the bands first male singer, wrote most of the lyrics. Two songs are missing from the original release; the instrumental acoustic piece “Lost To Heaven” performed by John Prodén alone and the intro piece “Destiny” that always starts the Destiny concerts. They are replaced by two previously unreleased bonus tracks from around the same time period. The oldest piece of music, “Ode To You”, is from 1983. However, the lyrics for this song are brand new, written by Kristoffer in December 2004 as a tribute to Dimebag Darrell. This song was never released on any album and is the first bonus track on this album. The second bonus track, “No Way Out”, was a song originally intended to be included on the debut album, but was left out because of the time limit on vinyls. Once again Kristoffer wrote brand new lyrics for an older piece of music. This time it’s about Ozzy Osbourne and reality shows. I believe that we have kept the original spirit of all the songs in these new versions. The major difference is of course the vocals. Kristoffer has truly given these songs a well deserved new lease of life. I also feel that the album is full of energy, with a live feeling, even though the music is not as “dark” as later Destiny albums.This is the members of Destiny of 2004 interpreting more than twenty year old songs by the members of Destiny of 1984. Hopefully you will enjoy the album for what it is, even though the style of the album is quite different from the music that Destiny represents in 2005.

Track listing

#"Sacrilege” 4:30 Music: Prodén Lyrics: Ring
#”Kill The Witch” 3:48 Music: Prodén Lyrics: Ring
#”Ode To You” * 4:08 (bonus track) Music: Österman/Björnshög Lyrics: Göbel
#”Spellbreaker” 4:11 Music: Österman Lyrics: Österman
#”Power By Birth” 4:53 Music: Österman/Prodén Lyrics: Österman
#”Rest In Peace” 5:12 Music: Österman/Prodén Lyrics: Ring
#”Madame Guillotine” (Hang Them High) 3:44 Music: Prodén/Björnshög Lyrics: Ring/Göbel
#”No Way Out” * 4:13 (bonus track) Music: Prodén/Björnshög Lyrics: Göbel
#”More Evil Than Evil” 4:04 Music: Prodén Lyrics: Ring
#”Sirens In The Dark” 7:34 Music: Österman/Björnshög Lyrics: Ring


*Vocals: Kristoffer Göbel
*Bass: Stefan Björnshög
*Guitar: Janne Ekberg
*Drums: Birger Löfman

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