The Contrast (play)

The Contrast (play)

"The Contrast", written in 1787 by Royall Tyler, is an American play in the tradition of the English Restoration comedies of the seventeenth century; it takes its cue from Sheridan's "The School for Scandal", a British comedy of manners that had revived that tradition a decade before. Royall uses the form to satirize Americans who follow British fashions and indulge in 'British vices'.

"The Contrast" marks the first play written by an American citizen that was professionally produced.Fact|date=October 2007 The play is most remembered for its prologue that is an evaluation of home-made versus foreign goods and ideas and offers the play's most prominent part, along with the introduction of the Yankee character (Jonathan).

Play in 5 acts.

cquotetxt|"Primus ego in patriam"
"Aonio--deduxi vertice Musas."
I, the first in the homeland Aonio, having founded this colony, turn to the Muses.


* Charlotte: Colonel Manly's sister
** Lives with her uncle in New York
** Has friends and good social standing
** In need of money
* Letitia: Friend of Charlotte and ward of Charlotte's uncle
** Possesses monetary wealth
** Looking for friendship
* Mr. Billy Dimple
** Primary redeeming values are his looks and wealth
** Attempts to manage relationships with Charlotte, Letitia, and Maria at once
** Snob / Persona of Europe
* Maria Van Rough: Daughter of Van Rough
* Colonel Henry Manly
** A contrasting character to Mr. Dimple
** Gentleman / Persona of America
* Van Rough
** Maria's father
* Jessamy: Dimple's waiter/servant
* Jonathan: Manly's waiter/servant and Yankee character
* Jenny: Maria's waiter/servant
* Servants


New York

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