Masa (disambiguation)

Masa (disambiguation)

Masa or MASA may refer to:

  • Masa, type of dough made from corn
  • Masa (musician), stage name of a Japanese musician
  • Masa (restaurant), upscale restaurant in New York City
  • Masa (land), Masa or Masha was also a land to the west of Hatti in Late Bronze Age Anatolia
  • Masa, Estonia, village in Pihtla Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • MASA (company), former bus manufacturer in Mexico
  • Mexicano Aeronáutica y Spacial Administración, fictional aerospace agency depicted in the South Park episode "Free Willzyx"
  • MASA Israel Journey, umbrella organization based in Israel
  • Masa (radio format), a variation of Hot AC and OPM in the Philippines.

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