Bratz Kidz

Bratz Kidz

Bratz Kidz are the child equivalent to the popular Bratz doll line. The dolls are 6 inches tall and are proportioned to be shorter than the normal Bratz.

Produced characters

Bratz Kidz based on the original Bratz dolls:
*Cloe (Angel)
*Yasmin (Pretty Princess)
*Jade (Kool Kat)
*Sasha (Bunny Boo)
*Lilani (Sweet Swan)
*Meagan (Funky Fashion Monkey)
*Dana (Sugar Shoes)
*Eitan (The Dragon)
*Koby (The Panther)
*Dylan (The Fox)
*Cameron (The Blaze)
* Phoebe (Sugar)
*Vinessa (stylin' sheep)
*Cade (The Viper)
*Katia (Flirty Turtle)

Rumored Characters

*Roxxi (Spice)
*Kumi (Lucky Bug)
*Lilee(Cherry Blossom)
*Kiani (Prankster Parrot)
*Sharidan (Sparklin' Sheep)
*Leah (Dainty Doe)
*Felicia (Glam Gecko)
*Krysta (Shine)
*Lela (Fine)
*Wayne (The Rocker)
*Alek (The Devil)
*Bryce(The Bear)
*Iden (The Spider)
*Zack (The Kind)
*Zama (Buddy Bear)
*Harvey(The Lion)
*Nevra(Queen B)
*Kina (Twizt)
*Aubrey(Quiz Wiz)

Popularity and Publicity

The Bratz Kidz are marketed to represent the innocence of children that normal Bratz and Babyz do not have and are modeled after their main fanbase, eight to twelve year old girls. With long skirts and printed t-shirts, the kidz have separated themselves from the Bratz and Bratz Babyz lines with an air of innocence.


*"The Kidz with a passion For Fun!"

*"Bigger than Babyz! Gonna be teens! We're Bratz Kidz, we're in between!"

*"How do you play , the Bratz Kidz way!"

Price and Value

The basic Bratz Kidz typically retail for $10.00 US for one doll plus an extra fashion. Bratz Kidz in special collections, like Horseback Fun and Sleepover Adventure, will usually sell for around $14.99 each. The Sisterz set of Babyz Kiani and Kidz Lilani and babyz Zama and kidz Sasha is sold for around $19.99. Bratz Kidz playsets, which sometimes come with one Bratz Kidz doll, retail for anywhere from $30-50, depending on what features and accessories are included.


Bratz Kidz Film

The Bratz Kidz movie is set was released on July 31st, 2007. Like the other 3-D ,Bratz films it was released straight to DVD and will most likely spawn a soundtrack and an extra merchandise. The film, based on the Kidz 'Sleep-Over Adventure' line centers around A new girl named Ginger who invites Jade, Sasha, Meagan, Cloe and Yasmin to her sleepover to make new friends. The spooky storys that the girls tell are the main feature of the film


*Cloe - Nicole Munoz
*Jade - Carlie McConnell
*Sasha - Dorla Bell
*Ginger - Cherilynn Fullbright
*Yasmin - Bridgette Taylor
*Meygan - Savanah McConnell
*Dana - Chantal Strand


* We're Bratz kidz (bratz kidz)
*Get ready (bratz kidz)
*Whatever you do (Yasmin)
*step one (Cloe and the monsters)


pooky Stories

Sasha - Meagan, Yasmin and Sasha go to the hall of mirrors at the carnival. Sasha accidentally lets her doppelganger out of a mirror when Yasmin and Meygan are gone.

Jade - Jade wants a puppy, so her parents tell her if she does a good job dogsitting Mrs. Winters' dog, she can have her own puppy. Jade gets a shock when she gets the dog back home and finds out he can talk.

Meagan- Meagan's big sister, Tanya and her friend Kalie take Meagan to the fair, but boss her around and only do the things they want to do. Meagan wishes for everyone to go away, but her wish comes true and she finds she's the only one in the Carnival.

Yasmin - Yasmin goes to the mall to buy her friend Dana a birthday present, but ends up buying a charm bracelet for herself instead. The bracelet haunts Yasmin and reappears on her wrist no matter how many times she takes it off.

Cloe - Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade go to the carnival to go on a ghost train-like ride. Cloe is rude to the others and insists she is not scared. Once inside the ride, she spoils it for the others by telling them everything is fake. Then,Jade , Sasha and Yasmin turn into monsters, and Cloe must escape the ride.


= Notes =

*When Meagan is going to get some pie, You can see Sharidan's former self (before the bratz gave her a makeover) standing behind her.
*Ginger looks the same as Breeana's child self in Bratz Fashion Pixiez.
* In Yasmin's spooky story, Jade is only at Dana's birthday for a brief moment, and sat on a different table to the bratz during the song "whatever you do".

*Jade and Meagan are never in the same story.

*Just after Yasmin's scary story, Cloe says, "You don't know what a scary story is, but you will when you've heard mine", but she has already told a scary story.

*Ginger calls her mom 'Ma'am'.

* Ginger's parents look like Sharidan's in Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz

*In Yasmin's story, Dana is wearing the same clothes as the first Bratz Kidz Jade doll comes with.

*Meagan's big sister's friend looks like Tiffany in Bratz Forever Diamondz and Fianna in the Bratz TV Show.

*Ginger's house is the same as Gran's house in Bratz Super Babyz movie.

*When Meagan runs off the riptide ride, she runs past the monster house where Jade's story is set.

*All the Bratz kidz (including Dana) wear the same earrings.

*Ginger is not in any of the girl's spooky stories.

*Jade has orange eyes in the movie, while the Jade dolls have brown eyes; she also has brown eyes in the TV series and 3D films.

*When Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade come out of the monster dungeons, Cloe's monster tail appears and she pushes it in.

*In Cloe's story, Cloe's mom is the white and blond version of Portia in Rally 500 (the second series of Bratz Episodes) and Cloe's dad is Damen (In the first series of Bratz).

*Yasmin and Cloe's house are the same, but different color.

*Yasmin's mom has pale skin.

* The voice of Meagan's sister's friend Callie, is the same person who portrayed Lina in the Bratz Fashion Pixiez.
*When Ginger's mom tells the girls it is time for bed the 1st time, Yasmin's face and skin tone is accidently changed to Sasha's. ----

Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales

The second Bratz Kidz movie has a fairy tale story line. Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin have to put on a show about fairy tales for the kindergartners at their school. They think the girls they are supposed to be playing, Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel are all wimps, and that they could deal with the situations way better. Suddenly, a magic frog appears and tells them off for dissing the fairy tale heroines. The girls are sent to fairy tale world to prove they could handle the situations better themselves. After Jade as Rapunzel tries to escape the tower, Cloe as Snow White tries living with seven hip hop singing dwarves, Sasha as Red Riding Hood tries outsmarting the cunning wolf and Yasmin as Cinderella tries to escape her ugly, evil sisters and get to the ball, the kidz realize they shouldn't misjudge someone before they have spent a day in their shoes!


*After Yasmin's fairy godmother changes her ragged dress into Cinderella's ball gown, The kids start walking to the ball. As they run towards the carriage that has been knocked over, Yasmin's dress is back to its ragged state. However, when they stop, her dress is the ball gown again.

*When Goldilocks is turned back into a little girl, She looks like Jade in bratz kidz sleepover adventure except with blonde hair and different colored clothes.

*The sing along version of "I opened my eyes" is longer than the actual performance.

*Bratz Kidz Dana, Meagan and Ginger are in the crowd at the play.

*This is the second time Yasmin is Cinderella on TV. (The first was in the episode 'Cinderella')

*Yasmin's eyes change from brown to yellow several times.


*Sasha (Red Riding Hood) Sasha thinks she is so much smarter than little red riding hood but soon learns not to judge others before they have walked a mile in their shoes. She is often cracking clever jokes (sometimes about the other Bratz!) She plays the guitar in the play.

*Jade (Rapunzel) Jade thinks escaping Rapunzel's witch will be a piece of cake, but she soon learns it is not as easy as she thinks it will be! She is the lead singer in the play.

*Cloe (Snow White) Cloe can't believe that Snow White did not get a pay check for cleaning and cooking for the seven dwarves. She gets angry when the dwarves insult girls.She plays the drum kit in the play.

*Yasmin (Cinderella) Yasmin got to the ball because the step sisters and step mother let her. An opposite from the real story. She plays Keyboards in the play


* I opened my eyes (bratz kidz)

* Are you sure? (Cloe's dwarves)

* Round and round (Jade as Rapunzel)



* 1st edition : Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin
* Sisterz : Kiani & Lilani
*Ice Champions : Cloe, Yasmin (Toys R Us Exclusive)
* Sisterz 2nd Edition : Sasha & Zama (UK exclusive)
* Forever Diamondz : Cloe, Yasmin (Target Exclusive)Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales


* Sleepover Adventure: Yasmin, Cloe, Meagan, Sasha
* 2nd Edition: Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha
* Magic Hair Dana (Target exclusive)
* Kidz Summer vacation: Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Carlyn
* Horseback Fun: Cloe, Dana, Sasha, Yasmin
* Horses: Cassidy, Honey, Jubilee, Morgan, Piper, Sapphire, Jumper
* Fashion Pixiez Lilani (Toys R Us exclusive)
* Pampered Pupz Yasmin (Walmart Exclusive)
* Adventure girlz Cloe (Kmart Exclusive)
* Birthday Cloe and Yasmin (Walmart Exclusive)
* Kidz Boyz : Koby, Eitan, Dylan, Cameron (Release 2008)
* School: Meagan, Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin
* 3rd Edition: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin
* Winter Vacation Phoebe Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin
* Horseback Fun: Yasmin w/doll horse (Toysrus exclusive)
* Costume Party: Cloe, Yasmin (Genuardi's exclusive)
* Bratz the movie kidz: Cloe, Yasmin (Sams Club exclusive)


* Nighty-Nite: Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha
* Glam : Yasmin , Cloe , Sasha
* 4th Edition : Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin
* 5th Edition : Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin
* Kidz Boyz 2th Edition : Dylan , Cameron , Cade
* World Familiez: Yasmin and Her Mom Portia (1st Appearance), Cloe and Her Sister Sonya (1st Appearance)
* Dress up : Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha
* Concert : Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Katia
* Wild West: Yasmin

Playsets & Vehicles


* RC Scooter with Yasmin
* Super Secret Lipgloss Laundromat with Cloe
* Super Secret Make-up Vanity with Jade
* Tandem Bike with Cloe & Yasmin


*Super Secret Manicure Bedroom with Dana
*Super Secret Lotion Making Bathroom with Phoebe
*Super Secret Water Park with Carlyn
*Super Secret School Bus With Lilani
*Winter Vacation RC Vehicle with Dana
*Super Secret Ice Cream Making Snow Lodge with Vanessa


*Concert Clubhouse With Katia

Bratz Big Kidz


*Big Kidz Music Starz: Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha
*Big Kidz Winter Vacation: Yasmin, Cloe (Walmart exclusive)


*Big Kidz 2nd Edition : Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha

External links

* [ Official Bratz Website]
* [ prototype picture of the 1st edition bratz kidz]
* [ Bratz kidz fall 2007 product page]

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