List of compositions by Gustav Holst

List of compositions by Gustav Holst

The following is a selected list of the compositions by Gustav Holst: [ "Gustav Holst (1874-1934) | Compositions" (online), Kenric Taylor, 2006, webpage: [ GHolstInfo-Compositions] .]
* "Margrete's Cradle Song", Op. 4/2
*"Overture: Walt Whitman" (1899)Notes to "The Mystic Trumpeter" study score, Novello & Company, London.]
* "6 Songs", Op. 16
*"The Mystic Trumpeter", Scena for Soprano and Orchestra (1904, revised 1912) Op.18/H.71:In this work, Holst sets to music Walt Whitman's poem "From Noon to Starry Night". Colin Matthews notes that while Holst had not yet developed a musical style of his own, this early work shows "conviction and individuality", and has "few parallels in British music of this period".
* "A Song of the Night" H74, Op. 19/1
* "Two Songs Without Words" Op.22 (1906)
*#Country Song
*#Marching Song
* "A Somerset Rhapsody" H87, Op. 21/2 (1907)
* "Savitri", chamber opera (1908):"Savitri" is a one-scene retelling of the Hindu myth Savitri and Satyavan, focusing on the death of Satyavan and Savitri's appeals to Yama (the lord of death). It is written for three characters and a very small orchestra.
* "First Suite in E-flat for Military Band" (1909):: 1. Chaconne, 2. Intermezzo, 3. March
* "Beni Mora (Oriental Suite)" Op.29 No.1 (1909 – 1910):: 1. First Dance, 2. Second Dance, 3. Finale
* "Invocation for cello and piano or orchestra" H75, Op. 19/2 (1911)
* "Second Suite in F for Military Band" (1911)
*# March: Morris Dance, Swansea Town, Claudy Banks
*# Song Without Words "I Love my Love"
*# Song of the Blacksmith
*# Fantasia on the "Dargason"
* "Psalm 86" H.117 No.2 (Psalmo 86), (1912)
* "Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda" (1908 – 1912) "Encyclopædia Britannica Online", "Gustav Holst", 2006, webpage: [ Britannica-GHolst] .]
*# First Group (for women's chorus and orchestra) (H.96)
*## Battle Hymn
*## To the Unknown God
*# Second Group (for chorus and orchestra) (H.98)
*## To Varuna (God of the Waters)
*## To Agni (God of Fire)
*## Funeral Chant
*# Third Group (for women's chorus and harp) (H.99)
*##Hymn to the Dawn
*## Hymn to the Waters
*## Hymn to Vena (Sun rising through the mist)
*## Hymn of the Travellers
*# Fourth Group (for men's chorus and orchestra (H.100)
*## Hymn to Soma (the juice of a herb)
*## Hymn to Manas (the spirit of a dying man)
* "Two Eastern Pictures" (for women's voices and harp) (H.112)
*# Spring
*# Summer
* "St Paul's Suite" The school does not use a dotted "St." in their title "St Paul's Girls' School" (see St Paul's website: [] ).] Op.29 No.2 ("Finale" is another arrangement of 4th movement in "Second Suite") (1913)
*# Jig
*# Ostinato
*# Intermezzo
*# Finale (The Dargason)
* "Hymn to Dionysus" Op.31 No.2(H.116) (1913)
* "The Planets Suite" Op. 32 (1916)
*# Mars, the Bringer of War
*# Venus, the Bringer of Peace
*# Mercury, the Winged Messenger
*# Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity (main theme:"I Vow to Thee, My Country")
*# Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
*# Uranus, the Magician
*# Neptune, the Mystic
* "4 Songs", Op. 35
* "The Hymn of Jesus" (1917)
* "Ode to Death", for chorus and orchestra 1919
* "Short Festival Te Deum" (H.145) (1919)
* "The Perfect Fool" Op.39 ballet (1918–1922)
* "Seven Choruses from the Alcestis of Euripides (1920)
* "Fugal Overture" H151, Op. 40/1 (1922)
* "Fugal Concerto for Flute, Oboe & String Orchestra" H152, Op. 40/2 (1923)
* "First Choral Symphony", for chorus, soprano solo and orchestra (1924)
* "At the Boar's Head", an opera (1925)
* "Egdon Heath", for orchestra (Homage to Thomas Hardy) H172, Op. 47 (1927)
* "A Moorside Suite" (1928):: 1. Scherzo, 2. Nocturne, 3. March
* "Double Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra" Op.49 (1929):: 1. Scherzo/Allegro, 2. Lament/Andante, 3. Variations on a Ground
* "The Wandering Scholar" opera, (1929 – 1930)
* "Choral Fantasia" (1930)
* "Hammersmith: Prelude and Scherzo" H178, Op. 52 (1930)
**This was premiered at the same 1931 concert as William Walton's "Belshazzar's Feast"
* "Lyric Movement" (1933)
* "Brook Green Suite" (H.190) (1933)
*# Prelude
*# Air
*# Dance
* "Scherzo", part of an unfinished Symphony (1933-4)


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