LSM may stand for:

*LSm, a family of RNA-binding proteins

In education and organisations:
*LSM program or the Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management, an undergraduate degree program at the University of Pennsylvania
*Lesbian Sex Mafia, a female support group and BDSM organization
*Living Stream Ministry, a non-profit publisher
*Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, a Private school Catholic school in the Philippines
*Lutheran Student Movement - USA, a Christian student organization
*Mexican Sign Language

In science and technology:
*LSM (Zeiss), a microscope
*Land Surface Model (LSM version 1.0), an undimensional computational model
*Landing Ship Medium, a type of amphibious assault ship
*Lanthanum strontium manganite, a crystal used as a cathode material
*Libre Software Meeting, an annual free software event in France
*Linear synchronous motor, an electric motor of linear synchronous design
*Linux Security Modules, a lightweight, general purpose framework for access control on Linux
*Linux Software Map, a standard text format for describing Linux software
*Liquid state machine, a computational construct, like a neural network
*Level set method, a numerical technique for tracking interfaces and shapes

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