The Day After Tomorrow (The O.C. episode)

The Day After Tomorrow (The O.C. episode)

Infobox Television episode
Colour = #ffaa44
Series = The O.C.
Title = The Day After Tomorrow

Season = 3
Caption =
Episode = 20
Airdate = April 6, 2006 (FOX)
Writer = Leila Geirstein
Director = Norman Buckley
Production = 2T6270
Prev = The Secrets and Lies
Next = The Dawn Patrol

"The Day After Tomorrow" is the 71st episode of the FOX television series, "The O.C.". The episode was written by Leila Geirstein and was directed by Norman Buckley. It originally aired on Thursday, April 6, 2006 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. [cite web|url=|title=What’s on Tonight|last=Gates|first=Anita|date=2006-04-06|work=The New York Times|publisher=The New York Times Company|accessdate=2008-09-15] The privileged and beautiful young people of Orange County receive their college acceptance and rejection letters.

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The college acceptance and rejection letters arrive leaving the kids to consider their futures. Seth is rejected from Brown, unbeknownst to the rest of the family. Ryan is accepted into Berkeley, Summer is accepted into Brown, and Marissa is accepted into Berkeley.

Or is she? Marissa, about to leave for a party with Volchok, reads her acceptance letter but throws it in the trash before grabbing some money from her mother's purse (beer money) and heading out the door. However, as Dr. Roberts comes home, he finds the letter discarded in the trash and shows it to Julie, who believes Marissa is too embarrassed to just tell her she got rejected from Berkeley. Neil tells Julie that she needs to talk to Marissa about this, or perhaps the engagement will not work out.

A celebratory dinner is held by Kirsten and Sandy, for the kids. Ryan and Sadie announce that, since Sadie is a jeweler, a very portable job, she is planning to move to Berkeley with Ryan as he attends to college. This news is greeted with plenty of silence at the table, as Kirsten and Sandy exchange looks at each other and Summer cheerfully tries to stop the awkwardness.

Taylor organizes a college bonfire party, where you have to wear a sweatshirt from the college you are going to. Marissa is supposed to handle the food there, but Summer says, "don't count on it." Surprisingly, instead of going to Baja to "take the edge off of things" with Volchok and his friends, Marissa attends the bonfire, wearing a pink Berkeley sweater. Ryan tells her that he's always there to lend an ear, in case she needs somebody to talk to.

At the bonfire, Sadie is introduced to a Korean friend of Taylor's, but otherwise left alone the entire time - she doesn't know anybody. (Even Johnny didn't go to Harbor, he attended Newport Union). However, Ryan is seen socializing with some of his UC Berkeley-bound friends.

Sadie, sitting on a pier most of the night, finally decides that she doesn't want to move to Berkeley with Ryan, though he's a great guy. This is because he won't get the full college experience, and will have a whole different world she's not a part of. Sadie doesn't want to hold Ryan back from any of this. They break up.

"Saying goodbye will be easier this way," she says, leaving him at the pier. "Keep in touch, Ryan."

Seth tells Summer she should go to Brown but he will go elsewhere, causing them to break up as well. He only says this because he doesn't want to admit to Summer that he was rejected to Brown, but she worked so hard on her application that he, like Sadie, does not want to hold her back.

Summer rips up her "College Life" collage, with plenty of pictures cut out of her and Cohen standing by Brown, wearing fur hats for the winter, and other things about college life. It is left in pieces on the floor. Marissa, seeing Summer red-eyed and crying on her bed, reassures her and they manage to fix their problems.


*"Good Day" by Tally Hall
*"That's All I Need" by The Scotland Yard Gospel
*"China" by Chris Holmes
*"The Secret Show" by Dopo Yume
*"The Crime" by True Love
*"Fog (Again) Live Version" by Radiohead


*"The Day After Tomorrow" is also the name of a 2004 film.

* This is the final appearance of Sadie Campbell (Nikki Reed).


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