April Fool

April Fool

April Fool can refer to:
*April Fools' Day, a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1
**April Fool's Day (disambiguation) for other uses
*April Fool (spy), the codename for a double agent who allegedly played a role in the downfall of Saddam Hussein
*"April Fool" (film), a 1926 film starring Diana Serra Cary
*A song by Chalk Circle from their 1986 EP "The Great Lake"
*A song by Soul Asylum from their 1992 album "Grave Dancers Union"
*A fairy on the show "The Fairly OddParents"
*"The April Fools", a 1969 film
*April Fool (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby bear produced by Ty, Inc. in 2007

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  • April fool — Fool Fool, n. [OE. fol, n. & adj., F. fol, fou, foolish, mad; a fool, prob. fr. L. follis a bellows, wind bag, an inflated ball; perh. akin to E. bellows. Cf. {Folly}, {Follicle}.] 1. One destitute of reason, or of the common powers of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • April fool — (n.) 1680s; April gowk (from O.N. gaukr a cuckoo ) is a northern variant. April Fool s Day customs of sending people on false errands seem to have come to England from France late 17c.; originally All Fool s Day (1712). In Cumberland, Westmorland …   Etymology dictionary

  • April Fool — April Fools N COUNT An April Fool is a trick that is played on April Fool s Day …   English dictionary

  • April fool — April A pril, n. [L. Aprilis. OE. also Averil, F. Avril, fr. L. Aprilis.] 1. The fourth month of the year. [1913 Webster] 2. Fig.: With reference to April being the month in which vegetation begins to put forth, the variableness of its weather,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • April fool — noun count a trick that you play on someone on April Fools Day a. someone who is tricked on April Fools Day …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • April fool — n someone who is tricked on April Fools Day, or the trick that is played on them …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • April fool — n. victim of jokes played on April Fools Day …   English World dictionary

  • April Fool — Die April Fool (englisch: „Aprilscherz“ oder „April April!“) ist ein etwa 1,80 Meter langes Segelboot, das 1968 als bis dahin kleinstes Segelboot einen Ozean – den Atlantik – überquerte. Sie hält bis heute (Stand 2006) den Rekord… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • April Fool — Plan véritable d invasion de l Irak April Fool (équivalent anglais de Poisson d avril) est le nom de code d un espion et agent double supposé avoir joué un rôle clé dans la chute du Président Saddam Hussein. D après les mémoires du Général Tommy… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • April fool — noun a) A person subjected to a practical joke on April Fools Day. Often used as an exclamation upon revealing the joke. APRIL FOOL, Any one imposed on, or sent on a bootless errand on the first of April, on which day it is the custom among the… …   Wiktionary

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