Cricket Kenya

Cricket Kenya
Cricket Kenya
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Sport Cricket
Area of jurisdiction National
Formation date 1966 (1966)
Affiliation International Cricket Council
Chairperson Samir Inamdar
Chief Exec Tom Sears
Men's coach Mike Hesson
Women's coach Dun Okinyo
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Cricket Kenya is the official ICC recognised organisation chosen to represent Kenya in terms of cricket issues. They are in charge of overseeing the Kenyan Cricket Team. The current coach is Michael Hesson. Recently Cricket Kenya organized two six team regional tournaments in the T20 and 50 Over formats of the game to replace the defunct Sahara Elite League. These are the East Africa Cup and Premier League. Cricket Kenya organizes the Kenya national cricket team and conducts the international matches with the team.



The final installation of Cricket Kenya as the body in charge of Cricket in Kenya came at the end of a long drawn out dispute the previous management, the Kenya Cricket Association and its Provincial boards among other stakeholders in the game[1][2]. The dispute, which centered around issues such as floundering constitutional review,[3], and financial irregularities[4] which had seen the KCA rack up almost 500,000 dollars of debt, and as well as periodic player disputes over pay[5][6] that eventually saw the KCA lose all credibility within Kenyan cricketing circles as players, administrators and even the Kenya government gradually withdrew all recognition and support of the KCA in favour of Cricket Kenya, which was then an interim board put together by the Kenya Government to avoid the chaos that had been created by the KCA over the management of Cricket in Kenya. Ultimately, with the intervention of a high powered ICC delegation led by Percy Sonn and Peter Chingoka , an agreement on a new elections and a new constitution was agreed upon.[7] The board members that were elected in the subsequent elections then formally wound up the Kenya Cricket Association paving the way for its official replacement by a new organisational body to be known as Cricket Kenya. Tom Tikolo served as the CEO of Cricket Kenya from 2005 to 2009 when he resigned due to cash scandal [8]. After extensive searching he was replaced by Tom Sears in mid 2010

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