List of men's national association football teams

List of men's national association football teams

This is a list of the men's national association football teams in the world.

Current FIFA affiliates

There are currently 208 men's national football teams affiliated to the "Fédération Internationale de Football Association" (FIFA), the world's football governing body, through their national football associations. They are eligible to enter the FIFA World Cup and matches between them are recognized as official international matches. Based on their match results over the previous four-year period, the FIFA World Rankings, published monthly by FIFA, compare the relative strengths of the national teams.

Each of these national teams is also affiliated to one of the six confederations, according to their continental zones:
* Asia - "Asian Football Confederation" (AFC)
* Africa - "Confédération Africaine de Football" (CAF)
* North and Central America and the Caribbean - "Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football" (CONCACAF)
* South America - "Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol" (CONMEBOL)
* Oceania - "Oceania Football Confederation" (OFC)
* Europe - "Union of European Football Associations" (UEFA)

Below is a list of the national football teams by their confederations. Some national teams are full members of their confederation, but do not have membership of FIFA; these are listed with a note explaining this. There are also notes of teams who have left one confederation to join another.

AFC (Asia)

Due to the geographical size of Asia, the AFC is subdivided into five sub-federations:
*West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) - represents nations at the western extremity of the continent. The WAFF has six members, but the AFC groups those non members into a single geographical region.
*East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) - represents nations generally agreed to constitute the "far east".
*Central and South Asian Football Federation (CESAFA) - represents nations in central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
*ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) - represents nations from Southeast Asia, plus Australia
*South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) - represents nations from South Asia1: Geographically considered as part of North America, but member of the CFU.
2: Full CONCACAF member but not FIFA member.
3: Geographically part of South America, but member of CONCACAF (CFU).

CONMEBOL (South America)


OFC (Oceania)

1: Team name of British Indian Ocean Territory.


The NF-Board have begun to mirror the structure of FIFA with the admittance of regional confederations to its structure. At present, it has one confederation affiliated, the Consejo Sudamericano de Nuevas Federaciones (CSANF), with 17 members from South America. A second confederation, the Confederation of European New Federations (CENF) is in discussions to join the NF-Board.


Potential Members

:FIFA recognizes fb|RUS as the successor of the CIS, which was itself the successor of the USSR national team, and attributes the records of these two previous entities to it.":fb|RUS was the official name till 1917 when it became fb|URS.


* North Vietnam
*: "Merged in 1976 to form the unified national team of fb|Vietnam.": FIFA recognizes Vietnam as the successor of the South Vietnam national team and attributes its records to it.


*flag|AdenLahejfb|South Yemen: "Merged in 1990 to form the unified national team of fb|Yemen.": FIFA recognizes Yemen as the successor of the North Yemen national team and attributes its records to it.


* (Socialist Federal Republic):"Dissolved in 1992 into 5 independent nations:":*fb|BIH:*fb|CRO:*fb|MKD:*fb|SVN:*fb|YUG|FR (Federal Republic)

* (Federal Republic) - later renamed to fb|SCG: "Dissolved in 2006 into the independent nations of fb|SRB and fb|MNE": FIFA recognizes fb|SRB (and its predecessors fb|YUG|FR and fb|SCG) as the successor of the Yugoslavia SFR team and attributes its records to it."

New names

In addition to the unification or dissolution of nations, other nations have been renamed:
*flagicon|Palestine|Mandate Palestine/Eretz Israel became fb|ISR in 1948
*fb|Dutch East Indies became fb|IDN in 1949
*fb|Gold Coast became fb|GHA in 1957
*fb|EGY|1922 became part of fb|United Arab Republic in 1958, then seceded to become fb|EGY|1972 again in 1972
*flagicon|France Madagascar became fb|MAD|name=Malagasy Republic 1958, and reverted to fb|MAD in 1975
*fb|Belgian Congo became fb|COD|1960|name=Congo-Leopoldville in 1960 then became fb|COD|1963|name=Congo-Kinshasa in 1963, and then fb|ZAI in 1971, and then became fb|COD|1997 in 1997
*flagicon|FRA French Equatorial Africa became fb|CGO|1970|name=Congo-Brazzaville in 1960, then became fb|CGO in 1992
*flagicon|Togo|1957 French Togo became fb|TOG in 1960
*fb|Tanganyika became fb|TAN in 1962
*fb|Malaya became fb|MAS in 1963
*fb|Northern Rhodesia became fb|ZAM in 1964
*fb|Southern Rhodesia became fb|Rhodesia in 1964, and then fb|ZIM in 1980
*flagicon|RSA|1928 South West Africa became fb|Namibia in 1990
*flagicon|GBR British Gambia became Gambia in 1965
*fb|British Guiana became fb|GUY in 1966
*flagicon image|Flag of Nyasaland.svg Nyasaland became fb|MWI in 1966
*flagicon|FRA French Somaliland became French Territory of the Afars and Issas in 1967 and subsequently fb|DJI in 1977
*fb|Ceylon became fb|SRI in 1972
*fb|CAM|1970|name=Khmer Republic became fb|CAM|1975|name=Kampuchea in 1975, then fb|CAM in 1979
*fb|Dahomey became fb|BEN in 1975
*fb|Dutch Guiana became fb|SUR in 1975
*flagicon|POR Portuguese Guinea became fb|GNB in 1975
*fb|Central African Republic became fb|CTA|name=Central African Empire in 1976, then became fb|CTA in 1979
*fb|New Hebrides became fb|VAN in 1980
*fb|CIV|name=Ivory Coast became fb|CIV in 1983
*fb|Upper Volta became fb|BFA in 1984
*fb|Burma|1948|name=Burma became fb|MYA in 1989
*fb|SAM|name=Western Samoa became fb|SAM in 1996


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* [ List of associations, at FIFA's site]

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