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Fresca is a brand of citrus soft drink made by The Coca-Cola Company. First introduced in the United States in 1963, the drink is now sold throughout the world, although it is not widely available outside of North America. Unlike other Coke products, it does not have a Pepsi equivalent (although in many markets, Pepsico licenses, produces and distributes "Diet Squirt," a very similar beverage owned by Dr Pepper & Seven-Up, Inc.).


Since its inception, Fresca has been marketed in the United States as a calorie-free, grapefruit-flavored soft drink, ostensibly catering to discriminating adult tastes. Fresca underwent its major ingredient change in 1985, when its non-caloric sweetener saccharin was replaced by aspartame.

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote that Fresca was the favorite drink of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had a button installed on the desk in the White House's Oval Office which would summon his military aide to bring the drink. In addition, Fresca was the favorite drink of the expansion teams in the NHL during the 1967 season; therefore, Fresca was originally slated to be the sponsor to the NHL the following year. However, the NHL board of governors rejected the proposed sponsorship; this may have played a role in Fresca's failure to break through to the mainstream.

In Latin America, Coca-Cola markets an entirely different soft drink under the Fresca brand name. This drink is grapefruit-flavored, but contains sugar. It is similar to the Squirt soft drink marketed in the United States by Dr Pepper & Seven-Up, Inc. In 1997 Coca-Cola launched the soft drink throughout the U.S. as Citra. However this was not successful as a separate product line, and that drink is now sold as the Citrus flavor in the Fanta line. The name may have been confusing for Latin American consumers, as "agua fresca".

For years, Fresca maintained somewhat of a cult following, similar to Tab, consisting of people who had grown up with the drink, yet it didn't obtain major market appeal. Around the turn of the century (2000), however, Fresca grew in popularity somewhat organically, enough so that it was sufficiently popular for Coca-Cola to take notice.

In 2005, Coca-Cola gave Fresca a more contemporary look, Fresca's first makeover since 1995. Fresca advertising continues to emphasize sophistication.

During this redesign, two new flavors were introduced ("Sparkling Peach Citrus" and "Sparkling Black Cherry Citrus") and the original grapefruit flavor was renamed "Sparkling Citrus". Subsequently, "Sparkling" was dropped from the name of the first two flavours and the original flavour renamed "Original Citrus".

"Fresca" means "fresh" (feminine form) in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

In Series 2 of the West Wing the character of Ainsley Hayes, Associate White House Counsel, is a big Fresca fan and complains about that Fresca is not stocked in the West Wing staff mess.

In the movie Caddyshack, the character Judge Smails (played by Ted Knight) attempts to bond with Danny Noonan (played by Michael O'Keefe) (once Danny has agreed not to let any "loose talk" about his niece Lacey Underall (played by Cindy Morgan) and her promiscuity become public knowledge) by blurting out the classic phrase "How 'bout a Fresca”?).

In episode #87 of The Simpsons, titled Marge on the Lam, Homer Simpson reaches inside a vending machine in an attempt to steal a can of cola. He is told by Lenny and Carl that "people have lost arms in there" but dismisses it as an old wives' tale. Inside the vending machine however, the bones of an arm and hand can be seen, still clutching a can of Fresca.

Flavors of Fresca

* Apple
* Cherry
* Iced Tea
* Cola
* Fruit Punch
* Grapefruit (the original)
* Lemon Lime
* Orange
* Peach
* Pear
* Sparkling Black Cherry (new with product redesign in 2005, "Sparkling" later dropped from name)
* Sparkling Peach Citrus (new with product redesign in 2005, "Sparkling" later dropped from name)
* Sparkling Citrus (new name for original grapefruit flavor with product redesign in 2005, later renamed Original Citrus)
* Strawberry
* Cherry Citrus
* Lime Citrus
* Pink Grapefruit (Mexico)
* Red Grapefruit (Mexico) -discontinued-
* Lado B (Mexico) -Sour grapefruit-
* Zero (Mexico) -diet/light-

nutrition facts:serving size one 12 oz can


contains phenylalanine


* Carbonated water
* Citric acid
* Concentrated Grapefruit juice
* Potassium citrate
* Potassium benzoate and EDTA (preservatives)
* Aspartame
* Acesulfame potassium
* Acacia
* Natural flavors
* Glycerol ester of wood rosin
* Brominated vegetable oil
* Carob bean gum


External links

* [ Official Fresca product website]
* [ Coca-Cola's page regarding the Fresca makeover]

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