Bath may refer to:
* Any vessel, dish, or depression made to hold a liquid for the purpose of immersion of an object, e.g. birdbath
* A body of liquid in which something is washed, heated or steeped:
** For medical or cleaning purposes, etc. e.g. Bath treatment (fishkeeping)
** As part of a technical process such as developing photographs or hot dip galvanizing, e.g. acid bath, zinc bath
* A bathtub, a large open container for water, in which a person may wash their body
* Bath (unit), a unit of dry volume used by the ancient Hebrews


In England

*Bath, Somerset, a city and World Heritage Site in the south-west of England
**University of Bath
**Bath Spa (several institutions named after the historic hot springs)
**Bath Rugby, a professional rugby union club


*Bathgate, West Lothian

In Canada

*Bath, New Brunswick
*Bath, Ontario
*Bath Island, British Columbia

In the Netherlands

*Bath (Netherlands), in the municipality of Reimerswaal, Zeeland

In the United States

*Bath, Illinois
*Bath, Indiana
*Bath, Maine
**Bath Iron Works, a shipyard
*Bath, Michigan
*Bath Township, Michigan
** Bath School disaster, three bombings in 1927 which killed 45 people
*Bath, New Hampshire
*Bath (town), New York
**Bath (village), New York
*Bath, North Carolina
*Bath, Ohio
*Bath, Pennsylvania
*Bath, South Carolina
*Bath, South Dakota
*Bath (Berkeley Springs), West Virginia
*Bath Beach, Brooklyn, New York
*Bath County, Kentucky
*Bath County, Virginia
*Bath Junction, a railroad junction in Kings County, New York
*Bath Springs, Tennessee
*Bath Township, several locations


*James R. Bath, former director of Bank of Credit and Commerce International and longtime acquaintance of President George W. Bush
*Harry Bath, rugby league footballer


*The Order of the Bath, a British order of chivalry founded by George I
*"Bath" (album), by maudlin of the Well
*Beast and the Harlot, a song by hard rock/metalcore band Avenged Sevenfold from their 2005 album "City of Evil", for which the acronym "BatH" often is used

ee also

**Public bathing
**Sea bathing
**The Baath Party, a political party in several Arab countries
*The Bath

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