Infobox Album | Name = Untold
Type = Album
Artist = Pete Francis

Released = 2003
Recorded =
Genre = Progressive rock
Length =
Label = Scrapper Records
Producer = Pete Francis
Reviews =
Last album = "So They Say" (2001)
This album = "Untold" (2003)
Next album = "Good To Finally Know" (2004)

In 2003, Pete Francis released "Untold", an album that looked into Pete's rock side more than "So They Say" had. Untold featured tracks like "Burning the River", which was originally written for Dispatch, but stirred argument from the drummer/vocalist Brad Corrigan. Tracks range from a general rock feel to reggae and acoustic.

Track listing

# One Train
# Burning The River
# Julie
# Stones
# Untold
# Shake the Pain
# Coal Miner
# Beneath the Fire
# Motion
# Sandcastle City
# OK

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