Standard (disambiguation)

Standard (disambiguation)

Standard may refer to:


American cars

* Standard (1904 automobile)
* Standard (1912 automobile)
* Standard Six
* Standard Steam Car

German cars

* Standard (1911 automobile)
* Standard (1933 automobile)


* Standard Motor Company (1903-1963), an English car and aircraft manufacturer
* Standard (Italian automobile)
* Standard (Indian automobile)
* Standard transmission, see Manual transmission

Other businesses

* Standard Hotel, a hotel chain originating in Los Angeles
* Standard Oil (1863-1911), a large integrated oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing organization
* American Standard Companies, Inc., a global provider of air conditioning systems and services, bath and kitchen products, and vehicle control systems

Geographic locations

* Standard, Illinois, United States
* Standard City, Illinois, United States
* Standard, Alberta, Canada


* Standard algorithms, long-taught methods of computation such as long division
* Standard deviation, a statistical measure of variation
* Standard score, a statistics term


* A type of battleship, first seen in the 1912 Nevada class battleship.
* Standard missile
* Standard operating procedure, an established method of accomplishing a task
* Defense standard


* Flag, a piece of woven cloth used for signalling or identification
* Ensign, a distinguishing flag of a ship or a military unit
* Heraldic standard, a type of flag containing heraldic devices and used for personal identification


* Standard (music), the most popular and enduring songs from a particular genre or style
** Jazz standards
** Pop standards
** Blues standards
* "Standards" (album), by the band Tortoise
* "Standards" (song), by the band The Jam


* The Standard, a business newspaper in Hong Kong
* De Standaard, a Belgian newspaper
* Der Standard, an Austrian newspaper
* The Standard (Kenya), a Kenyan newspaper
* The Weekly Standard, an American neoconservative magazine, sometimes abbreviated as "The Standard"
* Evening Standard, a London newspaper
* Standard (magazine), a Serbian magazine
* St. Catharines Standard, a St. Catharines newspaper

Norm or Requirement

* Breed standard (also called bench standard) in animal fancy and animal husbandry
* Standard (technical), an established and documented norm or requirement
* International standard, standards suitable for worldwide use
* De facto standard, product or system with market dominance
* Internet standard, a specification ratified as an open standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force
* Learning Standards, standards applied to education content
* Open standard, a standard that is publicly available
* Standards organization, an entity primarily concerned with maintaining standards
* Standardization, the process of establishing a technical standards
* Standard of care


* Gold standard, a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold
* Standard Liège, a Belgian soccer team that is often abbreviated as "Standard"
* Standard (warez), rules for public release of pirated material
* Standard language, a language dialect given either legal or quasi-legal status
* "The Standard" (film), a 2006 film

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