Andrew (disambiguation)

Andrew (disambiguation)

As a first name, Andrew (from a Greek word meaning "manly" or "courageous") may refer to:

*Saint Andrew the apostle
*Saint Andrew of Lampsacus
*Saint Andrew Corsini
*Saint Andrew of Crete
*Saint Andrew the Scot

Royals and nobles
*Andrew I of Hungary
*Andrew II of Hungary
*Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Andrew may also refer to:

*Andrew Project, a Carnegie Mellon University computer project
**Andrew File System, the project's filesystem
*Hurricane Andrew, one of the worst hurricane disasters in the continental United States, and just one of three Category 5's to make landfall in the USA
*Andrew, Iowa, a small city in the United States
*"The Andrew", a nickname for the Royal Navy
*Andrew oilfield, in the UK sector of the North Sea
*Andrew Corporation, manufacturer of antenna system hardware

See also

*Saint Andrew's Cross
*St Andrew's Cross spider

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