Hind (video game)

Hind (video game)

Infobox VG| title = Hind

developer = Digital Integration Ltd.
publisher = Digital Integration Ltd. in the UK, Interactive Magic in the US.
designer =
engine =
released = 1996 UK 1997 U.S.
genre = Flight Simulator
modes = Single player Two Player Head-to-Head Two Player Wingman Two Player Pilot/Gunner Multiplayer Deathmatch
ratings = n/a
platforms = DOS,Windows 9.x
media = CDROM
requirements = Minimum 486 @ 66 MHz DOS 5.0 8MB RAM PCI or VL Bus SVGA CDROM, Windows 95 486 @ 66 MHz 16 MB RAM SVGA CDROM
input = Keyboard, Joystick and Mouse

"Hind" is a computer game released by Digital Integration Ltd in 1997 for DOS and Windows 95.

The game is a combat flight simulator which features the Soviet Mi-24 Hind attack-helicopter. It came with a detailed and well written 99 page printed manual.

Hind is rated as a PC Gamer editors choice game thanks to its high rating.


The game features several game modes. From the main menu the player can choose single missions (playing either alone or in networked multiplayer), a campaign consisting of missions strung together or to undergo training at the Soviet airbase at Saratov. The training is very extensive and teaches the use of weapons and avionics systems, navigation, battle tactics etc.

Combat can take place in three locales: Kazakstan, Korea or Afghanistan. The Campaign mode features video clips as well as a detailed briefing before each mission, complete with a mission description, a detailed map and the ability to choose the desired ordnance.

It can be linked over IPX and modem networks with Apache Longbow, making it one of the first multiplayer, multisimulator games ever - something Digital Integration Ltd. has trademarked as 'virtual battlefield'.

As with its predecessor, Apache Longbow, Hind features a rather unique and very realistic cooperative multiplayer mode where two players can occupy the same helicopter, with one piloting the helicopter while the other manages weapons (as Weapons System Officer, or WSO).


Not one, but two joysticks are needed to be able to handle the chopper gracefully; a trait which crippled the games sales. Many complex physics effects are modeled, including ground effect, vortex ring, retreating blade stall, autorotation and more. Options are included to simplify the flight model for beginners.

Some of the missions and campaigns in the game are fictional and hypothetical, but the Afghanistan campaign is based on the 1980s Soviet War in Afghanistan.

Ground battles between individual soldiers can be seen taking place, since A.I. controlled infantry have been added. Soldiers can also be carried aboard the Hind helicopter and are a vital part of some missions.

If the player does nothing, an (almost) endless, semi-random and realistic war will be played out in each mission regardless via a combination of scripted scenarios and very basic A.I. The 'war' can be passively watched using the features for zooming in on and moving about each active unit.

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