CDS, CDs, Cds, etc. may refer to:

Computing and electronics

* Content delivery system is a computer-based system, often web-based, for collecting and coordinating electronic documents and communications.
* Cockpit display system, in Avionics, is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) by which aircrew manage the modern Glass cockpit.
* Content Directory Service, in UPnP/AV, allows Digital Media Players to browse content on a server (for example, Windows Media Connect, or Intel VIIV).
* Cadence Design Systems, an American company producing Electronic Design Automation software.
* Correlated Double Sampling, in signal processing.


* Coding sequence, a term used for a part of a DNA sequence.
* Cadmium Sulfide photoresistor, an optoelectronic component.
* Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg, a French astronomical data center.
* Collecting duct system of the kidney
* Chromatography (or Chromatographic) Data System, a system designed to collect and process data from various types of chromatographic equipment.


* A CD single contains only a single or a few tracks.


* The Canadian Depository for Securities, Canada's national securities depository, clearing and settlement hub.
* Credit default swap, a type of credit derivative.
* Certificates of Deposit are often referred to as CDs.
* The Counterfeit Deterrence System developed by the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group -- compare EURion constellation


* Chief Defence Scientist, the head of the Australian Defence Science & Technology Organisation (The professional head of the Australian military is the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF).)
* Cross Domain Solutions are processes that provide the ability to transfer data between security domains
* Chief of the Defence Staff (Canada), the professional head of the military in Canada
* Chief of the Defence Staff (United Kingdom), the professional head of the military in the United Kingdom


* Centro Democrático y Social, a former Spanish political party.
* Centre des démocrates sociaux, a French political party which became "Force démocrate" in 1995.
* Centro Democrático e Social/Partido Popular, a Portuguese political party.
* Convention Démocratique et Sociale-Rahama, a Nigerian political party.
* Social Democratic Convention, a Malian political party.
* Christian Democratic Students, a Flemish student party, related to CD&V (the Flemish Christian Democrats)

Other uses

* Career Depression Syndrome , dissatisfaction in one's career. See also burnout.
* Carolina Day School, a private school in Asheville, North Carolina.
* Cast Deployment System, a computerized "clocking in" program used by the Walt Disney Company to record cast member work times.
* Centre for Development Studies, a development research institute at Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, India.
* Certified Director of Safety, a designation issued by the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI)
* Child-directed speech - see Baby talk.
* Cinema Digital Sound, short-lived theatrical surround sound system of the early 1990s.
* Clinical decision support system
* Combined Defence Services Examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for induction into the Indian Armed Forces.
* Commercial Data Systems, Inc., a computer systems reseller based in Hawaii.
* Commercial Data Systems Ltd., a software publisher and technology company based in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan.
* Conceptual Data Structures, a set of semantic relations that frequently occur in common knowledge objects like texts, documents or notes.
* Condensed Distillers Solubles, also referred to as Distillers grains, a cereal byproduct of the distillation process.
* Conference of Drama Schools, comprising the 22 leading drama schools in England.
* Controlled/Dangerous Substance, as defined by the Controlled Substances Act.

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