Ram Oren

Ram Oren

Ram Oren (born Tel Aviv, 1936) is a popular Israeli author.

Oren started writing books only at a relatively advanced age. At age 15, he began his journalistic career as a messenger boy for "Yediot Aharonot". He advanced to editorship of important sections of the paper. He supplemented this work by studying law and working as a lawyer.

In 1994, he published his first book, "Seduction" (Keter Publishing). The book did not sell well at first, and was considered a commercial failure. Then Oren appeared on Dan Shilon's television show, the most popular Israeli talk show at the time. The appearance was a springboard for the book, which turned into one of Israel's most popular bestsellers ever. A movie adaptation was also successful.

Oren's success at the tills, nearly unprecedented in Israeli publishing, led him to found a publishing house, "Keshet". The company advertises Oren's books as well as bestsellers by authors such as Shifra Horn, Irit Linoor, Shelly Yahimovich, and Koby Oz.

[http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm Oren's books] are known for their fast pace and gripping plots. Since his first success, Oren tries to present a picture of various phenomena in the national culture, such as the seeking of eastern mysticism in "Ashram". His books have been translated into several languages, including English and French.

Most of his books are in the detective fiction genre. In 2002 his first book presenting a historical episode was published, "Latrun", employing his compelling, readable style. In 2004 he published another book in this category, "Target: Tel Aviv", concerning the Egyptian Army's invasion of Israel in the War of Independence.

[http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm Books]

* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Seduction" (1994)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Framed" (1995)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Mark of Cain" (1996). English translation: Tel Aviv: Keshet, 1998, ISBN 965-90130-5-1.]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Heart" (1997)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Shadow of Doubt" (1997)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Ashram" (1998)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Live Ammunition" (1999)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Eve and Adam" (2000)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Nude" (2000)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Love Behind Closed Doors" (2001)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Latrun" (historical novel, 2002)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Addiction and Other Stories" (2002)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "African Princess" (2003)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "The Heiress" (2004)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Target: Tel Aviv" (historical novel, 2004)]
* [http://www.ram-oren.com/bestsellers.htm "Little Sister" (2005)]


* " [http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A8%D7%9D_%D7%90%D7%95%D7%A8%D7%9F רם אורן] " (Ram Oren) in the Hebrew-language Wikipedia. Retrieved May 29, 2005.
* " [http://www.ram-oren.com/ Ram Oren] " Ram Oren's official web site
* " [http://www.hamartzim.co.il/lec-inside.asp?id=186 רם אורן- דף מרצה ] " Ram Oren's lecturer page----

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