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Amilkar Ariza

Amilkar Ariza (Born 1943 in Riohacha, Guajira, Colombia) is a painter [ [ - Amilkar Ariza] ] and professional Dentist specialized in Implantology.Fact|date=February 2007 In 1984, The International Congress of Oral Implantology in Munich, Germany, recognized Dr. Amilkar Ariza as a renowned leader in this field.Fact|date=February 2007 He was later honored by receiving a letter of appreciation for his global contribution to the science of Implantology by the President of the United States, George H. W. Bush.Fact|date=February 2007


Early years

Dentist work

Dr. Amilkar Ariza Gomez is considered the pioneer of Oral Implantology in Colombia. More than 30 years of practice and investigating new techniques of Oral Implantology, have given him many recognitions at national and international levels, including the World-wide award of Oral Implantology given in Munich - Germany in 1984 and the personal recognition of the President of the United States, George H. W. Bush.

The Centro de Implantología Oral Amilkar Ariza has organized world conventions and congresses of Oral Implantology in Colombia and around the world successfully, due to the international reputation of Dr. Amilkar Ariza Gomez.

Now days, Ariza Dental Center is visited by several patients from around the world who are looking for a personalized attention, professionalism, reasonable costs and financing options for their treatments.

Art work

Ariza has dedicated himself to produce Life size and monumental sculptures. Based on the need of the human being to depict himself, the “Egorealism” takes place. The history of art, shows us, that the artists have been always used to identify their work according to the artistic tendencies left to us, by those who without proposing it, left a style, or a school, which was discovered by the analysts, students and writers of art, who baptized them at their time, with a name that described the style.

The " Egorealism” is born, with a name that Amilkar Ariza has given to his new artistic tendency, and that is the result of a conscious work that he has developed during many years.Amilkar Ariza, in his constant search, creates a sculpture, with a subject that allows him to leave the common one, challenging the movements, the muscular vigor of the athlete, and giving the observer, a work that not only please aesthetically but also with the plasticity and beauty presented like a portrait, the sport activity that the observer practices, or admires and gets passionate, and identifies so much with it that feels that it belongs to him/her even without acquired it and integrates with the personality and penetrates the ego of the observer.

The Egorealism of Amilkar Ariza, is the art of the moment, the art of the time, of the communication, that transmits energies to the observer. It is the kind of work that does not require to be an art expert to feel it. The egorealistic sculpture of Ariza, besides to contribute to art, shows a strong empathy to it and causes the bronze and the person to integrate in a passion manner.

Definitively, the "Egorealism" of Amilkar Ariza, is a new artistic tendency in the sculpture, that adds new ingredients to the art, penetrates the feelings, and gives a more dynamic turn to the generally volumetric and statue-kind sculpture, perhaps by the rigidity of the handling of the bronze; in the work of Ariza, the heavy thing of the material becomes light, participates with the today life, and elevates the ego of those who observes it.


Ariza has created a collection of bronze sculptures which have become his specialty. He intends to capture and illustrate the expressions and movements of the human body.

The series "The Golfers" which was inspired by the artist's passion for the sport, consists of 10 bronze sculptures. These pieces try to capture the admirer's attention by transforming them emotionally into the actual experience of the game.

A fan of many sports, Ariza has created yet another limited series in bronze sculptures than includes the game of Baseball, Basketball and Tennis. "Las Marias", a limited series of 10 bronze sculptures depicting the different expressions and sensibilities of the woman, is again another example of this artist.

Ariza is dedicated to become a "Major leagues sculptor" by creating sculptures of many baseball movements including a life size bronze sculpture of Baseball Major League catcher Iván Rodríguez in Miami, Florida.

A bronze scultpture requires may work and several steps to complete. Ariza has developed a style and process that allows him to maintain the detail level that he wishes.

Ariza has also created monumental Bronze sculptures. The most important one, was the monument to Colombian soccer player, Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama. A convert|22|ft|m tall sculpture in one of the most characteristic movements. The sculpture was placed in front of Valderrama's home town, Santa Marta, northern Colombia. [ [ - Noticias de Santa Marta] ]


During the last few years, Master Ariza, has created "Sculptured Murals". These three-dimensional murals are created with breathtaking figures and images that astonish even the most demanding art enthusiasts.


Throughout the last two decades, Master AMILKAR ARIZA has created what has been said by many of his critics to be a spectacular collection of oil paintings inspired by the life and struggles of the Indians from his Colombian native land.


# 1976 - Club Militar - Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1978 - Banco Central Hipotecario (Unicentro - Bogotá) (Colombia)
# 1978 - Gimaura Hotel- Riohacha (Colombia)
# 1979 - Colombo Europeo Club- Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1980 - San Diego Gallery- Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1982 - Casa de la Cultura - Valledupar (Colombia)
# 1983 - Amilkar Ariza gallery inauguration- Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1984 - Las Delicias Hotel- Riohacha (Colombia)
# 1985 - Tequendama Hotel- Bogotá (Colombia) (Gold collection presentation)
# 1986 - Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar familiar - Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1987 - Mural sculpture "La Fuerza de Mis Raices" 20 square meters Casa Amilkar Ariza - Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1988 - Mural sculpture "Clamor de Justicia" 36 square meters Justice Palace - Riohacha (Colombia)
# 1989 - Town Center - Bonaventure, Fort Lauderdale - Florida
# 1990 - Casa de la Cultura - Barrancas, Guajira (Colombia) Individual exposition - Retrospective
# 1990 - Museum house Amilkar Ariza inauguration- Bogotá (Colombia) Permanent exposition
# 1992 - Mural sculpture "GENESIS" 10 square meters, Club Campestre la Sabana Cundinamarca (Colombia)
# 1993 - Mural sculpture "La Fuerza del Desierto" Amilkar Ariza's central office - Bogotá (Colombia)
# 1993 - Amilkar Ariza's central office inauguration, for permanent exposition of his art.
# 1996 - The Golfers Series, Club Campestre La Sabana.
# 1998 - The Golfers Series II. Weston Hills Country Club. Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA)
# 1998 - Meizner Park. Boca Raton, Florida. (USA)
# 1998 - Worth Avenue. West Palm Beach, Florida. (USA)
# 1999 - Doral - Ryder Open. Champions Club Pavilion. Miami, Florida (USA)
# 1999 - Doral Resort & Spa. Permanent Exposition. Miami, Florida.(USA)
# 2000 - Bal Harbour Gallery. Miami, Florida (USA)
# 2001 - Permanent Exhibition (Artist Museum)
# 2002 - Monument Pibe Valderrama. Santa Marta, Colombia.
# 2004 - Yahoo Cultural Gallery. San Francisco, California. (USA)


In 1984, The International Congress of Oral Implantology in Munich, Germany, recognized Dr. Amilkar Ariza as a renowned leader in this field.

He was later honored by receiving a letter of appreciation for his global contribution to the science of Implantology by the President of the United States, George H. W. Bush.


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