Communications in Bangladesh

Communications in Bangladesh

The communication sector of Bangladesh has changed dramatically within 2 years. The incentives both from government and public sectors have helped to grow this sector.


The telecom sector in Bangladesh is rapidly emerging.

Calling Code: +880 - SubCodes


The PSTN operators in Bangladesh are:

*Ranks Telecom Ltd.

*Tele Barta Ltd. - branded under the nameJubok phone.

*Jalalabad Telecom Ltd. - branded under the name Bijoy Phone.

*Onetel Communication Ltd.
* [ National Telecom Ltd.]
* [ Peoples Telecom Ltd.]
* [ Westec Ltd. ]
* [ Dhaka Telephone Co. Ltd. ]
* [ Integrated Services Limited (ISL)] - branded under the name Sheba Phone
*S.A Telecom System Ltd.
* [ Banglaphone Ltd.]

The number of PSTN subscribers in Bangladesh as of August 2008 was 1.31 million [ [ Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission] ]

Mobile phone

There are 6 mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. These are:

1.Grameenphone Ltd.(GP)


3.Sheba Telecom Ltd.(Banglalink)


5.Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd.(Teletalk)

6.Warid Telecom Int.(Warid Telecom (Bangladesh))

The number of mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh as of August 2008 was 45.4 million. [ [ Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission] ]

Long Distance Operator (as per ILDTS Policy 2007)

6 licneses were issued by BTRC in 3 categories (IGW, ICX & IIG) through an open auction in February 2008. The incumbent BTTB got the same licenses too. Here is the list of all operators:

International Gateway (IGW) Operators

1. Banglatrack Limited

2. Mir Telecom (

3. Novotel Limited

Interconnection Exchange (ICX) operators

1. Getco Telcom

2. M&H

International Internet Gateway (IIG) Operator

1. Mango Teleservices Limited


Radio broadcast stations: AM 12, FM 12, shortwave 2 (1999)

Radios: 6.15 million (1997)

The government owned Betar-Radio Bangladesh operates from Dhaka and other local districts. Currently, the private FM radio channels are very popular. They are trying to attract young people by broadcasting music and news. The operating private radio channels include:
*Radio Today FM
*Radio Foorti FM
*Radio Amar FM
*Radio Metrowave.They have limited coverage. They are broadcasting in Dhaka and its surrounding areas.


Television broadcast stations: 16 (1999)

Televisions: 770,000 (1997)

The number of private satellite channels is growing. The first private channel in Bangladesh was ATN Bangla.


The first connectivity of internet was only in 1996. Though It was somewhat late, over the past few years the growth is rapid. The government's high internet tariff is impeding the growth of this sector. Recently the government is decided to reduce the tariff 50%. [ [ Xinhua] ]

Internet country code: .bd

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): As of 2005 more than 180 Internet Service Providers are operating in the country. [ [ ISPs association Bangladesh] ] ISP's are regulated by the Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory commission (BTRC).

Internet users: The number of internet users in Bangladesh as of March 2008 is 500,000compared to 100,000 in 2000. [ [ Asia Internet Usage Stats and Population Statistics ] ]

Broadband Internet Access

Though broadband internet access is available it charges high for high speed connection than other south Asian countries.Broadband internet and e-commerce in Bangladesh is slowly progressing.WiMAX service is now available from some internet service providers.


There are 6 satellite earth stations.

ubmarine cables

SEA-ME-WE 4 or South-East Asia - Middle East - Western Europe 4 . The landing site is Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

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