Italian Republican Party

Italian Republican Party

name_english = Italian Republican Party

leader =
leader1_title = Secretaty
leader1_name = Francesco Nucara
leader2_title =
leader2_name =
leader3_title =
leader3_name =
leader4_title =
leader4_name =
foundation = 12 April 1895
dissolution =
headquarters = Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 326 00186 Rome
newspaper = La Voce Repubblicana
membership = 12,000 [ [ Intervista a Franco Torchia/Il ruolo e l'attività del responsabile del tesseramento del Pri ] ] max: 108,589 (1978)
ideology = Liberalism, Social liberalism
coalition = People of Freedom
international = "none"
european = European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party
europarl = "currently no MEPs"
website =
colorcode = green

The Italian Republican Party ("Partito Repubblicano Italiano", PRI) is a liberal Italian political party.

It is a liberal party with old liberal roots in Italy, that originally took a left-wing position, claiming descent from the political position of Giuseppe Mazzini. The party is a member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.

Recent history

In 1994 the Italian Republican Party lost most of its voters and members in the wake of the Tangentopoli scandal. It also suffered a split at this time, as some centre-left politicians including Giorgio Bogi left and formed the Republican Left party. Some Republican politicians left PRI for Forza Italia, among them Jas Gawronski, Guglielmo Castagnetti, Alberto Zorzoli, Luigi Casero, Denis Verdini, Piergiorgio Massidda, Mario Pescante, etc.. Others joined the Democrats of Left, including Stefano Passigli, Giuseppe Ayala, Andrea Manzella, Adolfo Battaglia, and Giorgio Bogi. Later the PRI lost members to Democracy is Freedom – Daisy, including Enzo Bianco, Antonio Maccanico, Roberto Manzione, and others.

In 1994 some members of PRI were elected to Parliament on the Democratic Alliance list, while others, including Giorgio La Malfa and Carla Mazzuca , were elected on Patto Segni's list.

From 1996 to 2001, PRI was part of the Olive Tree centre-left coalition. In 1996 PRI elected 2 deputies (Giorgio La Malfa and Luciana Sbarbati) and 2 senators (Antonio Duva and Stelio De Carolis, both of whom subsequently switched to the Democrats of the Left).

In 2001 the party decided to ally with Silvio Berlusconi's House of Freedoms and elected one deputy (Giorgio La Malfa) and one senator (Antonio Del Pennino). Two left-wing groups seceded from the party: the European Republican Movement, led by Luciana Sbarbati, and the Democratic Republicans, led by Giuseppe Ossorio.

PRI participated to Berlusconi's third government having Giorgio La Malfa, current president of the party, as Minister for European Affairs and Francesco Nucara as Deputy-Minister for the Environment.

In the 2006 general election Francesco Nucara and Giorgio La Malfa were elected on the Forza Italia's lists for the Chamber of Deputies, while the party decided to run under its own banner for the Senate. Anyway Antonio Del Pennino was elected senator on Forza Italia's list.

On 18 March 2007 the party formed a federation with the Italian Liberal Party, named Republicans, Liberals, Reformers and subsequently formed a political component with the same name in the Chamber of Deputies along with Giovanni Ricevuto, former member of the New Italian Socialist Party and briefly member of Forza Italia's group.

In the 2008 general election PRI got two deputies elected in the list of The People of Freedom (PdL), Giorgio La Malfa and Francesco Nucara. After the election, the former joined the PdL group, while the latter the Mixed Group, due to the divergences between them. On 21 July Nucara formed a joint-group along with the two deputies of the Liberal Democrats. In early Semptember also La Malfa joined the small sub-group. [ [ Camera dei Deputati - XVI legislatura - Organi Parlamentari - MISTO ] ]



Secretaries since 1945:
*Randolfo Pacciardi (1945–1949)
*Oronzo Reale (1949–1964)
*Oddo Biasini, Claudio Salmoni and Emanuele Terrana (1964–1965)
*Ugo La Malfa (1965–1975)
*Oddo Biasini (1975-1979)
*Giovanni Spadolini (1979–1987)
*Giorgio La Malfa (1987–1993)
*Giorgio Bogi (1993–1994)
*Giorgio La Malfa (1994–2001)
*Francesco Nucara (2001–...)


Presidents since 1965:
*Oronzo Reale (1965–1975)
*Ugo La Malfa (1975–1979)
*Bruno Visentini (1979–1992)
*Guglielmo Negri (1995–2000)
*Giorgio La Malfa (2001–2006)


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