Russian intelligent

Russian intelligent

Russian intelligent, in Russian: Русский интеллигент (where "g" is pronounced as in the word "golf" and the accent comes on the last syllable ) is a term to apply to the member of the Russian/Soviet society, who carries tradition of the Russian intelligentsia. Usually Russian intelligent has a university degree or the equivalent. Subjects matter are varied: from history and science to music and medicine. There are also some examples of self taught notable Russian intelligents.

Russian intelligent is the definition which applies to the persons who come from different backgrounds and walks of life: middle class, working class, aristocracy, peasantry etc. The term itself stresses democratic principle, so there are no social class/race/gender/nationality issues attached to it.

Russian intelligent is to be highly intelligent, flexible and self-efficient, with two important qualities which are 1. consciousness of the needs of the other(s) and willingness to meet these needs, e.g. altruism and 2. to be truthful to one's opinions and moral principles in meeting everyday life challenges.

Russian intelligent is often finds himself in opposition to his country's autocratic and totalitarian government and carries out an enlightening, educational, protection of human rights and similar activities to help his compatriots to go through life. Notable Russian intelligents are Alexander Herzen, Boris Pasternak, Gaito Gazdanov, Andrei Sakharov.

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