Gao Lian

Gao Lian

Gao Lian may refer to:
* Gao Lian the ancient dramatist
* Gao Lian a "Water Margin" character

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  • Gao Lian (Water Margin) — Gao Lian (高廉) is a character in the epic Chinese novel, the Water Margin . Like his notorious relative, Gao Qiu, Gao Lian was a corrupt government official who crossed swords with the Liangshan bandits. Gao Lian s relative Yin Tianxi once bullied …   Wikipedia

  • Gao Lian (dramatist) — Gao Lian (zh cw|c=高濂|w=Kao Lien, fl. 16th century), courtesy name Ruinan (瑞南), was Chinese writer, dramatist and encyclopedist born in Hangzhou. He is perhaps best remembered for his play Yuzanji (玉簪记, The Jade Hairpin ), a romantic drama about a …   Wikipedia

  • Gao Qiu — Gāo Qiú (高毬), nicknamed the High Ball , is a character in the epic Chinese novel the Water Margin . Gao starts off as a street urchin who impresses important government officials with his skill at football, but he soon becomes a perpetual thorn… …   Wikipedia

  • Gao Xingjian — Infobox Writer name = Gao Xingjian birthdate = birth date and age|1940|1|4 birthplace = Ganzhou, Jiangxi, People s Republic of China nationality = People s Republic of China France (since 1997) occupation = playwright, screenwriter, novelist,… …   Wikipedia

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