Andean states

Andean states

The Andean States are nations in South America that contain portions of—or border—the Andes mountain range. Politically speaking, Argentina is usually not considered part of the Andean States as it is part of the Southern Cone and it is not a member of the Andean Community of Nations (which Venezuela is in the process of leaving and Chile will soon be rejoining). The Andes occupy the western part of South America, and are associated with the following countries:

North - Bordering the Caribbean SeaThis region haver parts of is semi-tropical climate.
* Colombia
* VenezuelaWest - Bordering the Pacific Ocean
* Ecuador
* PeruCentral - Landlocked
* BoliviaSouth
* Argentina
* Chile

Other regions in South America include the Guyana Highlands, Southern Cone and Eastern South America.

When grouped as "the Andean states", the emphasis is, of course, on the mountainous regions of these countries. For example, the Argentine "pampas" are not part of the Andean region, but western Argentina is part of the Andean region, and has cultural continuities with its Andean neighbors. Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia are part of the Andean Community (a trade grouping), and each contains Amazon Rainforest and Amazonian indigenous people as well as Andean mountains.

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