Bob may refer to:

* A diminutive of Robert
* Bob (physics), the weight at the end of a pendulum
* BOB (band), a UK indie pop band
* "Bob" (song), a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic from "Poodle Hat"
* "Bob", a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the album "One Hot Minute"
* "B.O.B." (song), a song by Outkast
* J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, figurehead of the satirical Church of the SubGenius
* Bob cut, a hairstyle
* Bob FM, a radio format in Canada and the U.S.
* Hurricane Bob, a 1991 hurricane
* Microsoft Bob, an unsuccessful software product
* A slang term for a shilling, a unit of currency
* "Bob" (TV series), a television comedy starring Bob Newhart
* Bob of Alice and Bob, placeholder characters in cryptography and physics problems
* Bob's Stores, a Northeastern US retail chain
* Bob's Big Boy, a restaurant chain
* Bob's Discount Furniture, a Northeastern US furniture chain
* Bob (Cyrillic: боб), "bean" in many Slavic languages
**Bob chorba, Bulgarian national dish
* Bobbing for apples


* 4-bromo-2,5,beta-trimethoxy-phenethylamine, a psychedelic drug
* Baby on Board
* Bank of Baroda, in India
* "Band of Brothers," a television miniseries
* Bank One Ballpark (now Chase Field)
* Basketball Owl Band, pep band unit of the Rice University Marching Owl Band
* Battery operated boyfriend, euphemism for a vibrator
* The Battle of Britain
* Battle of the Bands, a competition between multiple bands
* Bayerische Oberlandbahn, a private German railway
* Beast of Burden
* Beijing Olympic Broadcasting
* Bend over boyfriend, slang term for a sexual practice
* Berlin Operating Base, the CIA station in Berlin during the Cold War
* Berner Oberland Bahn, a mountain railway in Switzerland
* Best of Breed, an award in dog shows and other settings
* Big-O-Blaster, a machine in Banjo-Tooie that absorbs life force.
* Blitter object, a graphics construct
* Bob-omb, a character in the Nintendo "Mario" video games
* Body Opponent Bag, a punching bag shaped like a human head and torso
* Bolivian boliviano (ISO 4217 code for the currency)
* Bora Bora Airport (IATA code)
* Born on Board, the humans in the "Marathon Trilogy" computer games
* Breakout box, an electronics component
* Bug-out bag, an emergency kit

Fictional characters

* Bob ("Tekken"), a character in the video game series "Tekken"
* B.O.B., the titular character of the video game "B.O.B."
* Bob the Tomato, one of the principal characters in "VeggieTales"
* Bob ("Twin Peaks"), a villain on the television show "Twin Peaks"
* Bob ("Blackadder" character), two characters in the television comedy "Blackadder"
* Bob ("The Dresden Files"), a character featured in the novels and TV show "The Dresden Files"
* Bob (First Comics), a "watchlizard" from the First Comics series "GrimJack"
* Bob the Builder
* Bob the Killer Goldfish, a character in the "Earthworm Jim" universe
* Silent Bob, a character in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse
* Almighty Bob, a fictional deity in "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams
* Bob, one of the human characters on "Sesame Street"
* Bob ("Heroes"), a villain from the show "Heroes"
* Bob, one of the main characters in "ReBoot"
* Bob, the Jagex cat in "RuneScape"
* Evil Bob, a random event in "RuneScape"
* Bob, a character in "Bubble Bobble"
* Bob, a character in "Weebl and Bob"
* Bob, title character in the movie "What About Bob?"
* Bob, one of the two eponymous main characters of the sprite comic "Bob and George"
* Smilin' Bob, a character in commercials for Enzyte
* Bob Vorsh, a villain in the webcomic "Jack"
* SpongeBob Squarepants
* Sideshow Bob, "The Simpsons" character
* Bob, Agent of HYDRA, a Marvel Comics character
* Bob, a lazy cat character in the video game "Animal Crossing"
* Bob, a character in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"

People with the given name Bob

* Bob Backlund (born 1949), American pro wrestler
* Bob Barker (born 1923), American TV game show host
* Bob Bryan (born 1978), professional American tennis player
* Bob Bryar (born 1979), drummer for My Chemical Romance
* Bob Burnquist (born 1976), professional skateboarder
* Bob Carolgees (born 1948), British comedian and puppeteer
* Bob Carr (born 1947), Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales
* Bob Caudle, American wrestling announcer
* Bob Clotworthy (born 1931), American diver
* Bob Costas (born 1952), sports announcer
* Bob Dole (born 1923), American politician
* Bob Dylan (born 1941), American singer-songwriter
* Bob Ezrin (born 1949), Canadian musician and record producer
* Bob Feller (born 1918), Hall of Fame baseball pitcher
* Bob Forward (born 1958), screenwriter and film director
* Bob Geldof (born 1951), former lead singer of the Boomtown Rats and organiser of the Live Aid concerts
* Bob Gibson (born 1935), Hall of Fame baseball pitcher
* Bob Hope (1903-2003), American comedian
* Bob Hoskins (born 1942), British actor
* Bob Kempainen (born 1966), American long-distance runner
* Bob Kerrey (born 1943), US senator
* Bob Marley (1945-1981), Jamaican musician
* Bob McGrath (born 1932), American actor
* Bob McGrory (1891-1954), Scottish footballer
* Bob Monkhouse (1928-2003), British stand-up comedian and television presenter
* Bob Newhart (born 1929), American comedian and actor
* Bob Ross (1942-1995), American painter
* Bob Saget (born 1956), American comedian, t.v. host
* Bob Sinclar (born 1967), French DJ
* Bob Stupak (born 1942), American entrepreneur, gambler and politician
* Bob Vila (born 1946), TV home improvement host
* Bob Weir (born 1947), rhythm guitarist of the Grateful Dead
* Bob Willis (born 1949), former English cricketer
* Bob Woodward (born 1943), American journalist

See also

* Bobby
* Robert

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