Albedo (disambiguation)

Albedo (disambiguation)

The albedo of an object is its optical reflectivity, i.e., the extent to which it reflects light.
*The geometric albedo refers to light reflected back from a perpendicular surface.
*The Bond albedo is the proportion of total incident power that is reflected.

Albedo may also refer to:

* Albedo feature, a large area on the surface of a planet (or other solar system body) which shows a contrast in brightness or darkness (albedo) with adjacent areas.
* "Albedo", a comic book anthology
* Albedo (role-playing game)
* Albedo (Xenosaga), a character from the game series Xenosaga
* "Albedo 0.39", an album by Vangelis
* Albedo, an alchemical term
* The inner rind (mesocarp) of a hesperidium fruit
* Albedo Anthropomorphics, a science fiction comic
* Albedo, a die cast toy brand.

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