Situational application

Situational application

A situational application is software created for a small group of users with specific needs. The application typically has a short life span, and is often created within the group where it is used, sometimes by the users themselves. As the requirements of a small team using the application change, the situational application often also continues to evolve to accommodate these changes. Significant changes in requirements may lead to an abandonment of the situational application altogether – in some cases it is just easier to develop a new one than to evolve the one in use.

Clay Shirky in his essay entitled [ "Situated Software"] described a type of software that “… is designed for use by a specific social group, rather than for a generic set of "users".”

A structured wiki that can host wiki applications lends itself to creation of situational applications. Some mashups can also be considered situational applications.

oftware for building situational applications

* IBM Lotus Notes - Lotus Domino applications (created by programmers)
* JackBe - software platform to build rich, Ajax-based situational applications that bind to SOA and non-SOA data services
* LongJump - platform-as-a-service solution for creating and hosting situational applications without programming
* TWiki, XWiki, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware - structured wiki platforms for wiki applications (created by users)
* QEDWiki - platforms for mashup applications (created by users)
* [ Coghead] Rapid situational application development and hosting environment

ee also

* Wiki application
* Mashup applications

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Articles about situational applications

* [ Situational Applications: When the situation demands faster turnaround than IT can provide]
* [ Luba Cherbakov, Andy Bravery, Brian Goodman, Aroop Pandya and John Baggett. Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of grassroots computing]
* [ M. LaMonica, IBM Eyes Programming for the Masses, CNET] .
* [ Blog post on "What is a Situational Application?"]
* [ Luba Cherbakov, Andy Bravery, Aroop Pandya. SOA meets situational applications, Part 1: Changing computing in the enterprise]
* [ Jonathan Sapir. Situational Applications knol]

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