Rösti is a potato dish from Switzerland. It was originally a common breakfast eaten by farmers in the canton of Bern, but today is eaten all over Switzerland. Many Swiss people consider rösti a national dish. Today it is more commonly served to accompany other dishes, rather than for breakfast.

The word rösti is pronounced IPA2|ˈrøːʃ.ti in Standard German -- and often spelled Röschti in Swiss German.

Rösti is made with potatoes which are grated and depending on the frying technique, possibly mixed with some butter or fat, or fried in oil later. The grated potatoes are then shaped into rounds or patties, which come in different sizes usually measuring between 3-12 cm (1 to 5 inches) in diameter and 1-2 cm (0.5 inch) thick. Often the Rösti is simply shaped inside of the frying pan. They are most often shallow fried but can also be baked in the oven. Although the basic Rösti consists of nothing but potato, a number of additional ingredients are sometimes added, such as bacon, onions, cheese, apples or fresh herbs. This is often considered to be a regional touch.

There are different views on what makes a perfect Rösti. The greatest difference of opinion is whether to use raw or boiled potatoes as the main ingredient. Also, the kind of potato which makes the best Rösti dish is widely disputed.

ee also

* Hash brown, a dish made with fried, diced or shredded potatoes.
* Tater Tots, a U.S. commercial version of shaped hash browns.
* Latke, a Jewish, Polish and Belarusian grated potato and egg pancake.
* Tortilla de patatas, the Spanish potato omelette.


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* [http://bitten.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/05/02/recipe-of-the-day-beet-rosti-with-rosemary/ Beet Rösti from the New York Times website]

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