Banned in D.C.

Banned in D.C.

Infobox Album
Name = Banned in DC: Bad Brains' Greatest Riffs
Type = Compilation
Artist = Bad Brains

Released = April 8, 2003
Recorded = 1979-1989
Genre = Hardcore punk, reggae
Length = 66:53
Label = Caroline Records
Producer = Ric Ocasek
Ron St. Germain
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]

"Banned In D.C." is a compilation of hardcore punk and reggae songs by Bad Brains.

All the tracks have been previously released, except for the instrumental version of "Riot Squad". In addition, the original single version of "Pay To Cum" and the original mixes of several tracks from "Rock For Light" see their first appearance on CD here.

Track listing

# Pay to Cum (7" version)
# I Against I ("The Omega Sessions" album version)
# Don't Bother Me ("Black Dots" album version)
# I ("Bad Brains" album version)
# Regulator ("Black Dots" album version)
# F.V.K. ("Bad Brains" album version)
# Re-Ignition ("I Against I" album version)
# Sailin' On ("Rock for Light" album version, original mix)
# How Low Can A Punk Get? ("Black Dots" album version)
# At the Movies ("Rock for Light" album version, original mix)
# With the Quickness ("Quickness" album version)
# Sacred Love ("I Against I" album version)
# Soul Craft ("Quickness" album version)
# Voyage to Infinity ("Quickness" album version)
# Banned in DC ("Rock for Light" album version, original mix)
# Big Takeover ("The Youth Are Getting Restless" album version)
# Joshua's Song ("Rock for Light" album version, original mix)
# I and I Survive (12" version)
# The Meek ("Rock for Light" album version, original mix)
# I Luv I Jah ("The Omega Sessions" album version)
# The Prophet's Eye ("Quickness" album version)
# Riot Squad (instrumental version)


*H.R. - vocals
*Dr. Know - guitar
*Darryl Jenifer - bass
*Earl Hudson - drums

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