FlandersBio is a non-profit organization which represents the cluster of Flemish life sciences in Belgium. The members of FlandersBio are organizations involved with Research and Development, and production in life sciences, or organizations and companies servicing Flemish life sciences. Its mission is to be a driving force for the sustained growth of the knowledge-based bio-economy in Flanders. Johan Cardoen, who succeeded Staf Van Reet, is Chairman of FlandersBio. Els Vanheusden is General Manager and Secretary to the Board. She will be succeeded by Ann Van Gysel on 1 June 2008.

FlandersBio has created BioScope-IT as a Bioinformatics Service Project in order to lower the threshold for Flemish biotech companies for applying bioinformatics.


* Janssen Pharmaceutica
* Ablynx
* ActoGeniX
* Bayer CropScience
* CropDesign
* DevGen
* Galapagos Genomics
* Innogenetics
* Peakadilly
* Tibotec
* Thromb-X
* Virco

ee also

* Science and technology in Flanders
* BIO.be
* EuropaBio
* European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)
* Pharma.be
* Flanders Investment and Trade
* Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)
* Institute for the promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT)
* Flemish institute for technological research (VITO)
* Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen
* Belgian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

External links

* [http://www.flandersbio.be/ FlandersBio]
* [http://www.bioscope-it.be/ BioScope-IT]

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