CTL can refer to:
*Computation tree logic
*Cut-to-length logging
*Complex Text Layout languages
*cytotoxic T cell (cytotoxic T lymphocyte)
*Commission de transport de la Ville de Laval
*Coal to liquids, the chain of chemical processes to transform coal into liquid hydrocarbons. Coal to Liquids can be either "indirect", via gasification and Fischer-Tropsch process, or "direct", through the Bergius process.
*Constructive Total Loss - When the cost of repairing e.g. a ship exceeds the total insured value.
* Centralia, Washington (Amtrak station), United States; Amtrak station code CTL.
* CTL (control track longitudinal) timecode, a synchronization scheme used in professional video
* CTL is the ICAO airline designator for Central Airlines, United States
*Color Transform Language
* CTL is an abbreviation for "Can't Talk Long" in Internet Lingo often used while Instant Messaging.
*Chase This Light, an album by American band Jimmy Eat World.
*Certified in Transportation and Logistics.
* In computing: Cerificate Trust List.

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