Bhinmal Jain Tirth

Bhinmal Jain Tirth

Bhinmal Jain Tirth (Bhinmal) is a Shvetambar Jain temple and pilgrimage center, in Jalore district, Rajasthan, India.There were several ancient temple constructed in ninth and tenth century by the various dynasties.

Jain temples of Bhinmal

*Mahavira Swami Jain temple-:This Jain temple of Mahavira is the most famous. In ancient times this temple was built by king Kumarpal and established by Acharya Hemachandra, dedicated to 1st Jain Tirthankar Lord Rishabhadeva;after many years 'Bhinmal Jain Sangh' renovated this temple and finally in 1816 A.D.Jain Shvetambar Acharya Jinendrasuri established new 'Moolnayaka'(main Idol)of 24th Jain Tirthankar Lord Bhagwan Mahavira. After 145 years in 1959 A.D. the temple was in bad condition so again the Jain Sangh renovated it and in 1961 A.D.the main idol of lourd Mahavirswami was reestablished by Acharya Vidhachandra suri (5th following Acharya of Acharya Rajendrasuri). Life of lourd mahavira is carve in colourful way on white marble on the inner boundary wall of the temple. In this temple premises there is one adjoining temple of 'Astapada Tirth' and one nice Guru Mandir dedicated to Acharya Rajendrasuri too.
* Parshvanatha Jain temple [Hathi pole] -:This temple of 23rd Jain Tirthankar Parshvanatha in Hathi pole area of the main town is regarded to be ancient. This temple has great archaeological importance. Golden-colored idol of Shri Parshvanatha Bhagvan in padmasana posture is the presiding deity. On the image of the main deity, On the idol, there is an inscription of the year 1011 of the Vikram era [954 A.D.] . It is believed that the idol was found from a hollow of the ground. Many other idols were also found. The idol of lourd Parshvanatha has supernatural power, according the jain belief. In the temple premises one adjoining temple of lourd Mahavira is also ancient.
*Shantinath Jain temple [Ganesh chowk] -:This temple was built in 1155 A.D.dedicated to 16th Jain Tirthankar Shantinath.
*Ganthi Mehata vaas [4 Jain temple complex] -:In this temple complex there is 4 Jain temple one is dedicated to 16th Jain Tirthankar lourd Shantinath,the idol is established in 1577 Acharya Hirvijay suri;the second temple is dedicated to 23rd Jain Tirthankar lourd Parshvanatha,the idol is established in 1626 A.D. by Acharya Vijay Devasuri;the 3rd temple is dedicated to 24th Jain Tirthankar Mahavir,the main idol is in Pink colour;4th Jain temple is dedicated to 12th Jain Tirthankar Vasupujyaswami.
*NakodaParshvanatha Jain temple
*Riddhi-Siddhi Parshvanatha Jain Temple
*Chomukhji Jain temple [viju bai Temple]
*Manmohan Parshvanatha Jain temple
*Jagawallabh Parshvanatha Jain temple [station road]
*Padmaprabhu Jain temple [magh colony] .
*Jeerawalla Parshvanatha Jain temple [magh colony] .
*Seemandhar swami Jain temple [Rath Mandir] .
*ShankheshwarParshvanatha Jain temple complex.
*Gaudi Parshvanatha Jain temple.
*Kirti Stambh Jain Temple [Tower Temple] .-This temple is built in tower shape dedicated to 23rd Jain Tirthankar lourd Parshvanatha with choumukh(4 way) image/idol;esatblished in 1993 Acharya Padmasagarsuri and Labdhichandrasuri.
*Bafna Wadi Jain Tirth [Three Temple complex] .This temple complex has three temple on small hill top,one is dedicated to 24th Jain Tirthankar lourd MahavirSwamy,second one is dedicated to Acharya Rajendrasuri,third one is dedicated to goddess Sachiya Mata.The idol of Mahavira and Acharya Rajendrasuri is established by Jain Muni Jayanandvijayji maharaja. This temple complex has 16 acor land with pilgrims rest house loaded with all modern facilities , tow flower garden. Jain pilgrims can get their food free of charge.
*Shankheshwar Parshvanatha Temple,Dhora-Dhal.
*Chandraprabhaji Jain Temple,Hundia vas.-This is one house temple, dedicated to JainTirthankara Chandraprabha.The idol is established by Jain Muni Jayanandvijay ji maharaja in 2006 A.D..

Jain Upashrya(place of Jain monk's and activity

*Tapagachchiya Upashraya (Gandhi mehata Vas)
*Mahvirswami Jain Upashrya
*Baio Ka Upshrya
*Hanjari Bhawan Jain Upashrya
*AchalGachchiya Jain Upachraya
*Hundia Upashrya (magh colony)

Jain Dharmashala (Pilgrimage Rest House)

*Mahavir Swami Jain Dharmashala
*Bafna wadi Jain Dharmashala
*Pratap Saraya Jain Dharmashala
*Hanjari Bhawan Jain Dharmashala
*Shankhshwer Parshwanth Jain Dharmashala
*Kirati Stambh Jain Dharmashala
*Gaudi Parshvanatha Jain Dharmashala
*Magh Colony Jain Dharmashala

Jain Bhojanshala(Pilgrimage food centre)

#Shri Vardhman Ayambilshala (Mahavirji mandir)
#Bafna wadi Jain Bhojanshala
#Kirti-Stambh Jain Bhojanshala

Jainism in Bhinmal

There are signs here and there showing that Lourd MahaviraSwami Jain 24th Jain Tirthankar wandered about here. They can provide historical evidences to researches.Bhinmal city has witnessed many risings and falls. Stone inscriptions of the year 1333 of the Vikram era(1276 A.D.) are found among ruins of the temples.There was a time when this city had a circumference of 64 kilometers and the fort had 84 gates. This city looked beautiful with hundreds of pinnacled temples.From the seventh to the tenth century, talented Acharya Hemachandra, Udhyotansuri, Sidhdhrishi Gani and many other /Jain monk/writer created here valuable Jain literature and sanctified and beautified this place.The temple of Jain Tirthankar Parshvanatha in Hathi pole area of the town is thought to be ancient.This temple has great archeological importance. Mulnayak (Main idol) of the temple is Golden-colored idol of Shri Parshvanatha Bhagvan in padmasana posture is the presiding deity.On the image of the main deity, On the idol, there is an inscription of the year 1011 of the Vikram era [954 A.D.] .It is believed that the idol was found from a hollow of the ground. Many other idols were also found. The city of Bhinmal had four gates. At a distance of 8 kilometers in the north, there is the Jalori gate, in the south, there is the Laxmi gate, in the east, there is the Sungate and in the west, there is the Sanchori gate.Eight hundred years ago Bhinmal as the tirth is described in the ‘Sakal Tirth Stotra’ composed by Jain monk Acharya Siddhasena surisvarji.

The writer of "Abhidhan Rajendra Kosh" {Encyclopedia of Jain languages like Prakrit, Sanskrit & pali language Jain words} & famous Jain monk of 20th century Acharya Rajendrasuri made his chaturmas here in 1879 A.D.

How to reach

By Train-:The name of railway station is Marwar Bhinmal and is on Samadari-Bhildi section of North Western Railway .The railway tracks are still meter gauge so very few trains run through this station. If coming from Mumbai one has to travel by road from Palanpur to reach here.

By Road-: Bhinmal is well-connected with direct Bus service from Mumbai,Ahmedabad,New Delhi,Jodhpur,Jaipur,Palanpur and Mount Abu etc. Private vehicles from every Place or JainTirth in Rajasthan to this place are available.In the compound of the All majore temple there is a Dharmashala with excellent lodging facilities. The other important town or Jain Tirth nearby is Siyana,Jalore,Sanchore,Nakoda,Bhandavapur, Bakara Road,Dilwada Temples, Varmaan,Korta etc. There are regular Public Transport buses(State Government buses) from Jalore, Sirohi, Jodhpur,Balotra, Barmer and Nakoda too.

By Air-:Nearest Airports:
*Jodhpur: 110 km;
*Ahmedabad: 315 km

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