Aggregated Football World Ranking-List

Aggregated Football World Ranking-List

The Aggregated Football World Ranking-List is an alternative Ranking-System for men's national teams in football (soccer). It consists of the sum of all ranks in 8 different Ranking-System for men's national teams in football: FIFA World Rankings, World Football Elo Ratings, The Roon Ba, InternationalMark, AQB Sports Ratings, Rsoccer, Mondfoot and Chance de Gol.

A link to each of these 8 different ranking-systems can be found on the site.Using the Theory of The Wisdom of Crowds (of James Surowiecki and John Piña Craven) it can deliver a more exact ranking than one singular ranking-system. It has less bias and is less susceptible to errors within one of the rankings.

The Aggregated Football World Ranking-List was founded in August 17 2005It is updated after each major match day and at least once a month.

Top 15 Teams

Accurate as of 2 July 2008.


ee also

*FIFA World Rankings
*World Football Elo Ratings
*AQB Sports Ratings

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* [ The Aggregated Football World Ranking-list over all 8 ranking-lists] (German)

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