James Brown (disambiguation)

James Brown (disambiguation)

James Brown was an American singer and bandleader.

The name may also refer to:


United Kingdom

* James Gordon Brown (born 1951), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* James Clifton Brown (1841-1917), member of Parliament of the United Kingdom for Horsham from 1876-1880
* James Brown (politician) (1862-1939), member of Parliament of the United Kingdom for Ayrshire from 1918-1931 and 1935-1939

United States

* James Brown (Senator) (1766-1835), U.S. Senator from Louisiana from 1813-1817 and 1819-1823
*James H. "Jim" Brown (born 1942), Louisiana politician
* James S. Brown (1824-1878), mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1861 and member of U.S. House of Representatives from 1863-1865
* James W. Brown (1844-1909), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania from 1903-1905


* James Brown (Canadian politician) (1828-1897), member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1867-1882
* James Brown (New Brunswick politician) (1790-1870), member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick between 1830 and 1861
* Jim Brown (politician) (born 1943), member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1995-1999
* James Elisha Brown (1913-1974), member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1953 to 1957 and 1962 to 1971


* James Anthony Brown, Chief Minister of the Isle of Man


* James Browne (engineer) (1839-1896), Scottish-Indian military officer and engineer
* James Sutherland Brown (1881-1951), Canadian general and war planner, also called "Buster"


* Jim Brown (born 1936), American football player and film actor
* Jim Brown (soccer) (1908-1994), American soccer player
* Jimmy Brown (baseball) (1910-1977), American baseball player
* Jimmy Brown (Scottish footballer) (1924-2002)
* Jimmy White (aka Jimmy Brown) (born 1962), snooker player
* James Brown (cricketer) (born 1931), Scottish cricketer
* James Victor Brown (born 1935), Australian rugby player
* James Brown (television) (born 1951), American sportscaster
* James Keith Brown (born 1953), Scottish footballer who played for Aston Villa
* James Brown (American football) (born 1975), American college football player for the University of Texas
* James Brown (offensive lineman) (born 1970), American professional football player from 1993 - 2000
* James Brown (footballer) (born 1987), English footballer
* James Brown (footballer born 1862), England and Blackburn Rovers footballer

Writing and publishing

* James Browne (1793-1841), Scottish writer and editor
* James Brown (publisher) (1800-1855), American publisher and co-founder of Little, Brown and Company
* J. B. Selkirk (1832-1904), Scottish poet and essayist, born James Brown
* James Cooke Brown (1921-2000), sociologist and science fiction author
* James Brown (author) (born 1957), American novelist and memoirist
* James Brown (editor) (born 1965), English editor and media entrepreneur

Media and entertainment

* James Brown (director), music video and TV commercial director
* James Brown (magician), English professional magician
* Jimmy Brown (musician) (1926–2006), American trumpeter, saxophonist and singer
* James Brown, member of the English reggae band UB40
* James Brown (photographer), English photographer

Other people

* James Brown (ecologist), ecologist and professor of biology
* Jimmy Brown (Irish nationalist), member of the Irish People's Liberation Organisation
* James A.C. Brown, (1911-1964), Scottish psychiatrist
* James Joseph Brown (1854-1922), American mining businessman
* James M. Brown (born 1941), Attorney General of Oregon from 1980-1981
* James Robert Brown, philosopher
* James Failla (1919-1999), member of the Gambino crime family

ee also

* Jamie Brown (disambiguation)
* James Browne (disambiguation)
* "James Brown" (song)

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