Supercharger (comics)

Supercharger (comics)


real_name=Ronald "Ronnie" Hiliard
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Amazing Fantasty " #17 (January 1996)
creators=Kurt Busiek, Paul Lee
alliances=Masters of Evil
powers=absorb and store electricity.|

Supercharger is the name of a fictional American comic book character. The character is a Marvel Comics supervillain who first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #17 (1996).

Fictional character biography

When superheroes began appearing in numbers, a scientist was fascinated by this. His son helped him gather data, but the generators exploded. The scientist was killed, but his son lived on as the living battery Supercharger.

As Supercharger, he battled with the Fantastic Four and the early appearances of Spider-Man. When Supercharger gained his own talkshow and invited Spider-Man as his guest, his agenda was revealed when the audience and studio became his hostages. Spider-Man defeated Supercharger by using studio equipment to drain his energy since Supercharger doesn't generate his own electricity.

Supercharger was later seen as a member of the Masters of Evil organized by Justine Hammer (in her Crimson Cowl alias).

Powers and abilities

Supercharger is a "living battery" capable of absorbing, storing, and releasing great amounts of electricity. He can discharge this energy through physical contact or as destructive lightning-like bolts. Supercharger seems unable to generate electrical energy himself, and is dependent on a power source. He has at times worn a battery pack on his back containing several thousand volts of current. The pack is connected to his wrists by cables, and provides him with a supply of electrical current in the absence of any other power source.

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