7th Bomb Wing

7th Bomb Wing

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= 7th Bomb Wing

caption= Official emblem of the 7th Bomb Wing
dates= September 6, 1918 (original activation);
October 1, 1946 (reactivated)
country= United States
branch= United States Air Force
command_structure= Air Combat Command
Twelfth Air Force
garrison= Dyess Air Force Base
equipment= B-1B Lancer
motto= "MORS AB ALTO"
Latin: "Death From Above"
decorations= see "Lineage and Honors" section below
current_commander= Colonel Robert F. Gass
ceremonial_chief= Colonel Gavin L. Ketchen
ceremonial_chief_label= Current vice-commander
colonel_of_the_regiment= Chief Master Sergeant David S. Goldie
colonel_of_the_regiment_label= Current command chief
notable_commanders= George J. Eade
Joseph T. McNarney
Carl A. Spaatz

The 7th Bomb Wing (7 BW) is the premier operational B-1B Lancer unit in the United States Air Force, based at Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas. The 7 BW is part of the Twelfth Air Force, Air Combat Command, and is is the host unit at Dyess Air Force Base.


World War I

The 7th BW has a long and distinguished history. It has performed many missions and projected airpower around the globe. Initially activated as the 1st Army Observation Group Sept. 6, 1918, the group was stationed in France during World War I. The 1st earned battle honors for the Defense of the Lorraine Sector (Western Front) and for the Muese-Argonne Offensive (St. Mihiel). In April 1919, after World War I, the group inactivated. The group was reactivated Oct. 1,1919, at Park Field, Tenn., and shortly thereafter, moved to Langley Field, Va. Redesignated the 7th Group (Observation), the unit participated in many of the "Mitchell Battleship Bombing Trials." By June 1, 1928, the group had moved to Rockwell Field, Calif.

While at Rockwell, the 7th flew such missions as the "Question Mark," which was the forerunner for modern-day in-flight refueling. The group trained in aerial radio interception, aerial food and cargo dropping, took part in medical operations, and participated in many U.S. Army operations maneuvers.

World War II

The 7th was en route to the Philippines Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

The group, flying B-17’s, LB-30’s, and B-24’s, operated from Australia, India, and many other locations during World War II. The 7th earned two Distinguished Unit Citations for actions against the Japanese in the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, and in many numerous operations in the Pacific Theater. On Jan. 6, 1946, the group inactivated.

The 7th was activated Oct. 1, 1946,at Carswell Air Force Base, Texas, and for 47 years, the wing flew a wide variety of aircraft. The B-29 was the first Strategic Air Command big bomber to land at Carswell. The 7th maintained the powerful asset and in June 1948, received and operated the nations first intercontinental B-36. For 10 years, the “Peacemaker” cast a large shadow on the Iron Curtain and served as our nations major deterrent weapons system.

Cold War

*Established on: 3 November 1947.
*Organized on: 17 November 1947.
*At: Fort Worth Army Air Field Texas (better known as Carswell Air Force Base).
*Assigned to: Eighth Air Force.
*Equipment: B-29 Superfortress.
*Changed equipment in: 1948 to B-29s, B-36 Peacemaker.
*Changed equipment in: 1949 to B-36s, Convair XC-99.
*Changed equipment in: 1950 to B-36s, RB-36s.
*Reassigned to: Eighth Air Force, 19th Air Division on 16 February 1951. (Attached to 5th Air Division from 10 July 1955 to 13 September 1955).
*Changed equipment in: 1951 to B-36s.
*Changed equipment in: 1957 to B-36s, B-52 Stratofortress.
*Changed equipment in: 1958 to B-36s, B-52s, KC-135 Stratotanker.
*Changed equipment in: 1959 to B-52s, KC-135s.
*Changed equipment in: 1961 to B-52s.
*Changed equipment in: 1964 to B-52Ds, KC-135As.
*Changed equipment in: 1983 to B-52Gs, KC-135Es.
*Reassigned to: Eighth Air Force on 13 June 1988.
*Redesignated on: 1 September 1991

Post-Cold War

*Activated on: 1 September 1991.
*At: Carswell AFB, TX.
*Assigned to: Eighth Air Force.
*Equipment: B-52Gs, KC-135Es.
*Reassigned to: Air Combat Command, Eighth Air Force on 31 May 1992.
*Reasigned to: Dyess AFB, TX on 1 October 1993.
*Changed Equipment to: B-1B on 1 October 1993.
*Reassigned to Twelfth Air Force on 1 October 2002.

Lineage and Honors

* Established as 1st Army Observation Group on 6 September 1918
* Inactivated April 1919
* Redesignated and reactivated as 7th Group (Observation) on 1 October 1919
* Inactivated on 6 January 1946
* Reactivated on 1 October 1946
* Re-established as 7 Bombardment Wing, Very Heavy on 3 November 1947
* Organized on 17 November 1947
* Redesignated: 7 Bombardment Wing, Heavy on 1 August 1948
* Redesignated: 7 Wing on 1 September 1991
* Redesignated: 7 Bomb Wing on 1 June 1992
* Redesignated: 7 Wing on 1 October 1993
* Redesignated: 7 Bomb Wing on 1 April 1997

Bestowed Honors: Authorized to display honors earned by the 7th Operations Group prior to 1 August 1948 ("italicized").

Service Streamers


Campaign Streamers

* "World War I: St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Lorraine"
* "World War II: Burma; East Indies; India-Burma; China Defensive; Central Burma; China Offensive"

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers

* Grenada, 1983


* "Distinguished Unit Citations (2): Netherlands Indies, 14 January 1942-1 March 1942; Thailand, 19 March 1945"
* Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat "V" Device: 1 September 1969-28 March 1970.
* Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards (5): 18 June 1965-1 December 1965; 1 July 1976-30 June 1977; 1 June 1996-31 May 1998; 1 June 1998-31 May 2000 31 July 2007.
* Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm: 1 September 1969-28 March 1970.



Approved on 15 June 1994.


* Eighth Air Force, 17 November 1947;
* 19 Air Division, 16 February 1951 (attached to 5 Air Division, 10 July 1955-13 September 1955);
* Eighth Air Force, 13 June 1988;
* Twelfth Air Force, 1 October 2002.



* Groups
** 7th Bombardment (later, 7th Operations): 17 November 1947-16 June 1952; 1 September 1991-1 January 1993; 1 October 1993-.
** 11th Bombardment: attached 1 December 1948-16 February 1951.

* Squadrons
** 7th Air Refueling: 1 April 1958-15 April 1960; 1 March 1964-1 September 1991.
** 9th Bombardment: attached 16 February 1951-15 June 1952; assigned 16 June 1952-25 June 1968; 31 December 1971-.
** 20th Bombardment: 25 June 1965-1 September 1991.
** 98th Bombardment: attached 1 December 1957-10 December 1957.
** 436th Bombardment: attached 16 February 1951-15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952-1 August 1958.
** 492d Bombardment: attached 16 February 1951-15 June 1952, assigned 16 June 1952-15 June 1959.
** 493d Bombardment: 25 October 1942-6 January 1946.
** 919th Air Refueling: 15 April 1960-15 July 1960.
** 920th Air Refueling: 15 April 1960-15 July 1960.
** 4018th Combat Crew Training: 1 April 1974-31 March 1983.


* 7th Operations Group
** 7th Operations Support Squadron
** 9th Bomb Squadron
** 28th Bomb Squadron
** 436th Training Squadron

* 7th Mission Support Group
** 7th Civil Engineering Squadron
** 7th Contracting Squadron
** 7th Communications Squadron
** 7th Logistics Readiness Squadron
** 7th Force Support Squadron
** 7th Security Forces Squadron

* 7th Maintenance Group
** 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
** 7th Component Maintenance Squadron
** 7th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
** 7th Maintenance Operations Squadron
** 7th Munitions Squadron

* 7th Medical Group
** 7th Medical Support Squadron
** 7th Aeromedical/Dental Squadron
** 7th Medical Operations Squadron


* Rockwell Field, California, 1 June 1928
* Fort Worth Army Air Field, Texas, 1 October 1946
* Park Field, Tennessee, 3 November 1947
* Fort Worth Army Air Field (later, Griffiss Air Force Base; Carswell Air Force Base), Texas, 17 November 1947;
* Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, 1 October 1993-


Colonel Alan D. Clark, 17 November 1947;Colonel William P. Fisher, 11 May 1949;Brigadier General Clarence S. Irvine, 3 January 1950;Colonel John A. Roberts, 16 February 1951;Colonel George T. Chadwell, 29 October 1951;Colonel John A. Roberts, 14 April 1952;Colonel George T. Chadwell, 2 January 1953;Colonel Clarence A. Neely, 1 May 1954;Colonel Raymond S. Sleeper, 1 July 1955;Colonel Frederick D. Berry Jr., 3 July 1957;Colonel John A. Roberts, 16 July 1957;Colonel James Y. Parker, 5 January 1959;Colonel George J. Eade, 6 July 1961;Colonel Don W. Bailey, 17 July 1963;Colonel Vincent M. Crane, c. 28 April 1965;Colonel Don W. Bailey, c. 12 June 1965;Unknown (wing headquarters depleted), c. 1 August 1965-c. 30 November 1965;Colonel Don W. Bailey, c. 1 December 1965;Colonel Benjamin B. Shields, 1 August 1966;Colonel Ralph T. Holland, 12 August 1966;Colonel Carlton L. Lee, 23 June 1967;Colonel Winston F. Moore, 28 July 1968;Colonel Samuel E. Dyke, 30 April 1969;Colonel Edward R. Van Sandt, 11 September 1969;Lieutenant Colonel Paul A. Warner, 16 September 1969;Colonel Samuel E. Dyke, c. 31 March 1970;Colonel Donald D. Adams, 27 April 1970;Colonel Robert L. Holladay Jr., 2 June 1971;Colonel Walter C. Schrupp, 26 May 1972;Colonel John D. Beeson, 31 May 1973;Colonel Walter C. Schrupp, 1 November 1973;Colonel David E. Blais, 9 August 1974;Colonel Edward L. Todd, 31 January 1977;Colonel Francis L. Asbury, 2 April 1979;Brigadier General Robert L. Kirtley, 19 February 1981;Colonel Martin J. Ryan Jr., 20 April 1982;Colonel O. K. Lewis Jr., 25 October 1983;Colonel Charles G. Kucera, 3 June 1985;Colonel Donald F. Allan, 17 November 1986;Colonel George P. Cole Jr., 12 February 1987;Colonel John B. Sams Jr., 3 August 1988;Colonel Julian B. Hall Jr., 16 July 1990;Colonel Richard Szafranski, 9 July 1991;Colonel Gary L. Barber, 28 May 1993;Brigadier General Jerrold P. Allen, 1 October 1993;Brigadier General Charles R. Henderson, 4 August 1994;Brigadier General Larry W. Northington, 4 August 1995;Brigadier General Michael C. McMahan, 26 March 1997;Brigadier General Joseph P. Stein, 18 June 1999;Brigadier General Wendell L. Griffin, 28 November 2000;Colonel Jonathan D. George, 10 January 2003;Colonel Garrett Harencak, 30 August 2004;Colonel Timothy M. Ray, July 2006;Colonel Robert F. Gass, July 2008

Aircraft / Missiles / Space Vehicles

* B-29 Superfortress, 17 November 1947–1948
* B-36 Peacemaker, June 1948–1958
* Convair XC-99, 1949
* RB-36, 1950
* B-52 Stratofortress, 1957, 19 June 1958–1965, 1965-1969, 1970-1992
* KC-135 Stratotanker, July 1958–1960, 1964-1965, 1965-1969, 1970-1992
* C-130 Hercules, 1993-1997
* B-1 Lancer, 1985-


External links

* [http://afhra.maxwell.af.mil/rso/wings_groups_pages/0007bw.asp Air Force Historical Research Agency: 7th Bomb Wing]
* [http://www.dyess.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=3804 7th Bomb Wing fact sheet]
* [http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/agency/7bw.htm GlobalSecurity.org: 7th Bomb Wing]

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