Noble Consort Xin

Noble Consort Xin
Noble Consort Xin

The Noble Consort Xin (Chinese: 忻贵妃) (? - 1764), was a concubine of the Qianlong Emperor, who rules China from 1735 till 1796.



Noble Consort Xin née Daigiya (戴佳氏), Manchu of origin, was the daughter of Governor General Nasutu (Chinese: 那苏图), who's family belonged to the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Corps.

Lady Daigiya entered the Forbidden City during the eighteenth year of Emperor Qianlong's reign (1753). She was chosen to stay during elections for Qianlong's harem. On orders of Empress Dowager Chongqing she was made a consort of the fourth rank, imperial concubine. The official ceremony was held the following year and the title of Xin (忻) was granetd to her. In 1763 she was promoted to consort. She died in the twenty-ninth year of Emperor Qianlong's reign before she had an official ceremoney for her promotion.

In 1765 she was interred in the Yuling mausoleum for imperial concubines, in Hebei, with a funeral ceremony of a Noble Consort.


Noble Consort Xin had given birth to two daughter:

  • Sixth daughter: (24 August 1755-27 September 1758).
  • Eight daughter: (16 January 1758-17 June 1767).


  • Draft history of the Qing dynasty. 《清史稿》卷二百十四.列傳一.后妃傳.高宗忻贵妃

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