List of companies of Chad

List of companies of Chad

Chad's economy is primarily agricultural but relies on foreign assistance and foreign capital for most public and private sector investment projects. The oil sector is the most important area of foreign investment. Below is a list of internal companies of Chad.

General Companies

*BIAT - "Banque Internationale pour L'Afrique au Tchad"
*NOVAGIFT (Représentant local)
*La Star Nationale SA "insurance"
*NETCOM sa Tchad "data processing/internet services"
*Sogea Satom "civil engineering"
*Cebevirha "agribusiness"
*CotonTchad "cotton/textiles"
*CST - Compagnie Sucrière du Tchad "sugar manufacture"
*Toumaï Air Tchad "airline, travel agency"
*AIB - Africa International Business Holding SA "import/export"
*Almari Group "import/export"
*Chad Petroleum Company "downstream petroleum"
*TAMOIL Chad "upstream petroleum"

Banking Companies

*"Banque Agricole du Soudan" (N'Djamena)
*BCC - [Banque Commerciale du Chari" (Moundou)(Abeche)(N'Djamena) []
*BIAT - Banque Internationale pour L'Afrique au Tchad (N'Djamena)(Moundou)(Doba)(Sarh)
*BSIC TCHAD SA - Banque Sahelo-Saharienne pour le Developpement et le Commerce (N'Djamena)
*CBT - Commercial Bank Tchad (N'Djamena)(Moundou)
*Continental Group (N'Djamena)
*Financial Bank (N'Djamena)
*LAFICO (N'Djamena)
*MARCH - Assureurs Conseils Tchadiens (N'Djamena)
*SFI (Banque Mondiale filiale Société Financière Internationale (N'Djamena)"World Bank" []
*SFPI (N'Djamena)
*SGTB - "Societe Gnerale Tchadienne de Banque" (N'Djamena) []
*"Societe Libyenne D'Investissements Exterieurs" - Tchad (N'Djamena)
*TASK INTER (N'Djamena)
*URCOOPEC (N'Djamena)
*VITA-PEP (N'Djmanena)
*ECOBANK (N'Djamena)

Food and beverage

*Alimentation du canal (N'Djamena)
*Alimentation generale (N'Djamena)
*BDT - "Boissons et Glacieres du Tchad" (N'Djamena)
*CHEZ WISSAM (N'Djamena)
*"La Gastromomie" (N'Djamena)
*"Ma Carriere" (N'Djamena)
*Mahamat Abassi (N'Djamena)
*N'Djamena Lux Boutique (N'Djamena)
*SOGECOM (N'Djamena)

Gum arabic

* [Gum Tchad]
*ABHS (N'Djamena)
*ACACIA GR.BDI (N'Djamena)
*AL WIHDA (N'Djamena)
*Dandry (N'Djamena)
*SCCL (N'Djamena)
*SODEC (N'Djamena)


*AMP-C3C (N'Djamena)
*Celtel (N'Djamena)
*"Office Tchadien de Regulation des Telecommunications" - OTRT (N'Djamena)
*ORBITAL (N'Djamena)
*"Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques" (N'Djamena)
*SotelTchad (N'Djamena)
*Space Link Systems, Inc (N'Djamena)

External links

* [ "Annulaires Afrique:Tchad"]

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