South Asia Analysis Group

South Asia Analysis Group

South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) is a non-profit think tank based in India which conducts public interest and advocacy work. [cite web|url=|title=September 11 Web Archive Record: SAAG|publisher=Library of Congress|author=South Asia Analysis Group] The group consists of Indian academics and former government officials. [ Asian Studies Network Information Center: South Asian Links] ] The self-stated objectives of the group include advancing strategic analysis, promoting public understanding, and contributing to the expansion of knowledge of security internationally and with regard to India. The group further says it "seeks to address the decision makers, strategic planners, academics and the media in South Asia and the world at large." [cite web |url= |title= About Us |publisher= South Asia Analysis Group] .


The scope of SAAG's work encompasses Afghanistan [ [ Stinger in the tail of US policy] Asia Times - September 19, 2001] , Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China [ [ Energy Needs Tie India, China] Wall Street Journal - March 3, 2005] , Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Fiji.cite web |url= |title= South Asia Analysis Group |publisher= Intute]

SAAG's website hosts articles provided on political and strategic analysis. The site hosts notes, analysis, papers and updates on a broad range of aspects of Indian security issues and international relations.cite web |url= |title= Government & Politics of South Asia |publisher= Columbia University] It includes access to news updates from the regions of interest and a collection of discussion papers published since 1998 by authors from the South Asian continent. Key topics of the papers include: terrorism, international security, Indian politics and political parties, weapons of mass destruction and a presupposed connection between radical Islam and terrorism..


A few of the analysts are:
*B. Raman (retired Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, and presently Director of the Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai)
*S. Gopal (former Special Secretary, Govt. of India)
*Dr. S. Chandrasekharan,
*C.S. Kuppuswamy (former Director of the Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India).


External links

*cite web |url= |title=South Asia Analysis Group Website
*cite web |url=|title=Cease-fire in J&K: Questions and Answers |publisher=Strategic Affairs Magazine|author=B Raman
*cite web|url=|title=September 11 Web Archive Record: SAAG|publisher=Library of Congress|author=South Asia Analysis Group

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